Gateway SX2110-UR328 desktop reviewThe Gateway SX2110-UR328 is another model in the desktop range from Gateway that comes with really good features at a very economic price tag. Gateway has been a successful manufacturer as far as the computer division is considered and this new release from them doesn’t let you down either. An impressive development here is the reduction in the size which has helped the form factor a big deal.

This desktop is very portable as we have already mentioned the reduction in size and just weighs around 12 pounds. The inner beauty is as good as the outside. It is powered by a 1.7 GHz AMD E series processor and has a 4GB DDR3 RAM that can help you do your tasks without any hiccups. The performance of the processor is above par and passes all the tests comfortably.

Due to the economy factor involved this comes only with a 500GB hard drive which can make hardcore users unhappy but light users won’t have anything to complain about this. The desktop has an optical drive that can be used for DVD writing and also has 6 USB ports that can be used for swift transfer of data. There is also a HDMI port which can be used for higher end connectivity and to make things simpler Gateway have kept all the ports at the face of the desktop itself.

The desktops also comes with Windows 8 and with the hardware it is equipped with, the operating system can be enjoyed without any major issues. It also has an integrated AMD Radeon HD7340 Graphics card with the help of which the users will have no problem playing games. The keyboard and mouse are just what is needed and offer a decent performance. The audio effects are also good which is well suited for watching movies and playing games.

This assembly of hardware and features may not be the best. The absence of a USB 3.0 port could have been avoided as it can help in lightning fast file transfer. They could have increased the price by another 50 bucks and could have included the USB 3.0 port which could have produced more comfort.

This Gateway SX2110-UR328 desktop review has stated the advantages that one may have on using the Gateway SX2110-UR328 desktop and also the minor issues they may face. This desktop is best suited for people who have everyday use and also for the occasional users but hardcore gamers will have to find another model. If the above benefits excite you then this model is worth considering.

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