Gateway NE57006u reviewGateway is one of our favorite manufacturers for one simple reason; budget devices. They produce many devices in a budget price and offer a lot of choices to their customers. The Gateway NE57006u is one such device mainly for people on a budget. For a price that just under$350 it is a valuable asset for someone seeking for a day to day laptop.

The design of the laptop carries that Gateway design usuals. The glossy finish you can find all over gives the device a premium look. The keys in the keyboard are well placed but the touchpad is too much to the left and could be distracting for some but not a deal breaker.

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You get a 15.6 inch screen with the Gateway NE57006u. The screen has a resolution of 1366×768 pixels and isn’t full HD (not on a budget device). The screen is a good fit for watching movies and consuming other types of media. You definitely can’t work on image editing in this laptop professionally; it is fine for time pass editing for posting in FaceBook and such.

Intel Pentium processor that clocks at 1.8GHz is the processor that runs this laptop. The processor runs the operating system smoothly and simple, easy to use applications will not have any difficulties (like word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications). This is not the best processor that’s in the market right but is good enough for a budget device.

There are 4 gigs of memory available. This seems to be a market minimum these days. But you have to give credit to the manufacturers for including this much RAM even in a budget device. This RAM will allow you to do efficient multi tasking and run other high end applications without many issues.

There is a 500GB hard drive that comes with the Gateway NE57006u. This is really good value to the users considering that this is a budget device. For light users this is more than enough unless they have tons of media and other data in their hands.

The graphics department is covered by Intel HD graphics. This is the default card that comes with the device and runs small and midrange games. But running high end games will not be a very pleasing experience. The graphics card can’t run these high end games and this laptop is not for you if you are planning to buy this device for solely gaming purpose.

There are two USB 2.0 ports and a single USB 3.0 port. These ports can help you transfer your data at a very good speed. There is also an HDMI port that allows you to connect your device to higher end devices like a HDTV or even a gaming console. But there is no DVD drive here, so if you need a DVD drive this one is not a good option.

This Gateway NE57006u review would have given you a clear idea that this one is a budget device. You can get this laptop if you are looking for one to do your day to day jobs like using office apps and browsing the web.

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