Epson V11H502020 PowerLite Home Cinema 3020e ReviewThe new Epson V11H502020 is another projector from the house of Epson that has the ability to be used for both 2D and 3D along with home theater systems. This is a very good choice for a projector if you are planning to get a perfect projector for your needs and the ability to convert normal 2D picture to 3D is an added attraction here and is slightly under priced when compared to its market rivals.

The clarity of the picture is better than most of the projectors. This is due to the excellent brightness in both color and white; both equal at 2300 lumens. The 3LCD, 3 chip technology is a real boost here that enables us to witness some very good images which are very life-like (contrast ratio of 40,000:1). These two technologies also make sure that the power consumption is reduced by at least 25% so that the projector can be used for continuous screening without any heating issues.

The best part about the picture quality is that it comes in 1080p resolution and so you can connect your blu ray player to watch your favorite movies in high resolution or you can also sync your gaming console and enjoy some excellent gaming with your game buddies.

Another impressive feature here is the portability. The projector can be placed literally anywhere as per your needs and all you need is a power point to connect. You’re A/V equipment can be synced with the projector wirelessly and it can easily project your videos and presentations.

You can enjoy 3D at its best with the glasses provided. The glasses don’t cause much trouble to the eyes even when used for a considerable period. The standout features is the conversion of a 2D picture into 3D. This means you can convert your favorite movies and videos and also some high action sports into 3D. The conversion from 2D to 3D is also smooth and the effects are very neat. The sound effects are also very much above par with the built in speakers.

There is the split screen feature with which you can view two screens from two different equipments. This can be very helpful to business people and also for reunions and other occasions. The effectiveness of the Epson V11H502020 PowerLite is excellent and it definitely justifies the price tag.

The Epson V11H502020 PowerLite is a high end projector for those who might want a complete device. This might not be the best choice for limited uses and suits best for big organizations and can be paired well with any home theater systems. If you are looking on the same lines, then this is one is definitely recommended.

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