Dell has come up with its recent release, the Dell XPS XPS15-1579sLV which has a lot of promising features to assist the hardcore laptop users. Though the laptop might be on the expensive side it still offers something to all the members of the family.

The look of this laptop from the XPS series is refreshing with the silver touch to it. The screen has a pretty much standard size of 15 inches. The resolution of the screen is 1920 x 1080 pixels which very good and this has a direct effect on the picture quality which is amazing. Watching movies and sports in this laptop will definitely enhance your viewership.

The inside of the laptop is neatly packed with some leading specifications in the industry. The processor here is the third generation Intel i5 processor that has a clock frequency of 2.5 GHz. This processor is good enough to run the pre-installed operating system without any problem.

The RAM is a DDR3 and is 6GB in numbers. This is a very high amount of RAM and will help you to install very sophisticated programs like Photoshop, Matlab and other software. Gaming also is a breeze here due to the high RAM and also because of the Nvidia graphics cards present.

The hard drive has a capacity of 500 GB. This might be the standard size in the market these days but the real improvement is the presence of a solid state drive which has a capacity of 32 GB. The solid state drive can do much than just solving space issues. It can speed up the booting of the operating system and offer a faster computing experience.

The connectivity options are a real treat here. The Dell XPS XPS15-1579sLV supports Bluetooth 4.0 which will help you transfer your phone data in a flash. There is a USB 2.0 port and 2 USB 3.0 ports with which the movement of files and stuff will take place in a very short time.

The battery life is also impressive. If worked to its maximum ability the laptop will manage to last at least about 5 hours.

The Dell XPS XPS15-1579sLV might be costly in its own terms. But it really succeeds in emerging as a serious competitor to the MacBook pro. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the MacBook pro then this one definitely fits the bill.

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