Dell XPS X8700-626BLK reviewFrom Dell comes another well priced desktop that targets the mid range users yet again. The new Dell XPS X8700-626BLK has every specification that will impress both the light and the mid range users. To see if it’s a good option to you, continue reading the review.

The XPS series isn’t known for its design and the same stays true for this desktop too. It is simple and nothing extravagant. The box style is liked by many as a classic form factor and this one won’t disappoint them. It isn’t heavy either, so any minor shifts here and there won’t break your back for sure.

Dell XPS X8700-626BLK Specs

The 4th generation Intel core i5 processor powers the desktop here. It is no less powerful than other leading processors in the market. The processor has good benchmarks which prove its performance in a big way. It can handle even high end applications without any hiccups. With a clocking frequency that can be increased up to 3.3GHz there is no doubt that this one is a beast.

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The memory division is ruled by an 8GB dual channel DDR3 RAM. This is another cool feature that can help the user in multi tasking. Light users will have the fastest computing experience while mid range and hardcore users will use the RAM processor combo to get the most out of it.

The desktop comes with a 1TB hard drive. There is also an option for you to go for the 2TB hard drive but according to us 1Tb of space itself is a lot to deal with. If you are a high end user then there might be a good justification for the 2TB drive.

The hard drive comes pre-installed in Windows 8 as the operating systems. Along with the main operating system you also have McAfee and Microsoft Office trial pack pre-installed. This will take some of your space but not much.


Gaming in the Dell XPS X8700-626BLK is a real pleasure and if you are a gamer then you will enjoy playing in this. The graphics card we have is the Nvidia GeForce GT 635 with a memory 1GB. This one will let you play most of the popular games and the high end hardware will compliment this.

This isn’t an all-in-one desktop and there is no monitor here. If you have a monitor it’s fine. But if you are looking to get a monitor separately, then make sure you get a monitor with touchscreen as it could get you the complete Windows 8 experience. A monitor with high refresh rate will also help in the gaming area.

The connectivity options galore in the Dell XPS X8700-626BLK.There are 10 USB ports in which 6 ports are super fast USB 3.0 ports. There is a HDMI port which helps you to get your connected with your HD television so that you can browse your hard drive contents in the big screen. There is also a 16X DVD writer.

The Dell XPS X8700-626BLK is a very good desktop for someone who is on the search for a high performance machine in a decent price tag. There are many good points we can talk about this machine and is totally worth every dollar you pay for.

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