Dell XPS X8700-3127BLK review 1The title kinda lets the cat out of the bag. But there’s a lot of explaining to do justify it and that’s what we’ve done below. The Dell XPS X8700-3127BLK is one of the best desktops in the recent times and the sheer specifications are enough to prove it. Read on to know more.

We always talk about the design first and there is nothing new about the design here. It follows suit of the previous XPS desktops. The significant changes come in the inside about which we’ll talk in the rest of the article. If you ask for one nice design tweak, it is the placement of a couple of ports which increases the visibility of the ports.

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The heart of any machine is the processor and for a desktop computer that is very true. The Dell XPS X8700-3127BLK is powered by an Intel dual core i7 processor that belongs to the 4th generation of the chips of the company. The processor can be clocked to a maximum clocking frequency of 3.9GHz and has an 8MB cache.

The processor is one of the main reasons why we refer this machine as a beast. This can even challenge the hardcore user’s potential. Mid range users and light users will have nothing to complain and their experience will be nothing sort of buttery smooth. The operating system, Windows 8, runs flawlessly.

Here comes another impressive addition to the spec sheet. There is a 16GB DDR3 RAM that compliments the processor beautifully and plays the good guy along. The user can multi task his heart out and the possibilities are endless even for someone who can overclock the processor. This combo allows the user to install and run almost any software and offers a great performance to the user.

The hard drive has a capacity of 2TB. This is a lot of space and there is no way you are going to run out of space if you are a mid range or a light user. For people who are planning to use this as a workstation they’ll find the space enough and can liberally use it for storing important data.

Graphics is another important area where most of the desktops fail but the Dell XPS X8700-3127BLK nails it. The graphics department comprises of an Nvidia GeForce GTX 645 that has a memory of 1GB dedicated for graphics. This is perfect for gamers and they can play some of the best games in the market right now. Though the gameplay might not touch the levels of a gaming device like Alienware, it still will please the players.

Dell XPS X8700-3127BLK review 2There are a lot of ports at the front and the back. There are around 10 ports in total of which 6 belong to the latest USB 3.0 version. There is an optical drive that can read and write at 16X speed. People who use a lot of memory cards will make use of the 19 in 1 media card reader.

If you are willing to browse the data in your desktop in a bigger screen, there is an HDMI port that allows you to connect a HDTV and you know what to do next. The only problem is that you’ll have to find a monitor separately. Make sure you get a touchscreen monitor so that it complements the operating system.

You get some software that is pre-installed. It includes McAfee Live Safe, Windows Office 365 Trial, Cyberlink Media Suite essentials and a few others. These are installed on top of the latest operating system from Microsoft.

This Dell XPS X8700-3127BLK review clearly justifies the title of this post. It is a beast and there is no denying it. If you are someone looking a desktop computer that has high a performance standard then this is a good choice. It might be a tad expensive for some people but the speed will blow you away. Recommended for mid range, hardcore users and part time gamers.

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