Dell XPS X8700-1259BLK reviewWelcome to this Dell XPS X8700-1259BLK review. This new desktop, which was recently launched by Dell, falls in the XPS series with some really good specifications. Though targeted at the mid range PC users, there is something for every member of you sweet family. To see how well it’ll fit your needs continue reading the review.


The design that was prevalent in their previous XPS models has been retained by Dell for this desktop too. There are two ports in the front and does make their usage a little bit easier. Other than that there aren’t many other significant things we can talk about the design. Let’s move further in the review.

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Processor and Memory

The processor is what runs the device and here it is the 4th generation i7 processor that has a maximum clocking frequency of 3.4GHz. For those who don’t think this clocking frequency is enough, there is also a turbo boost facility to boost it right up to 3.9GHz which is amazing. This is one hell of a processor and you will not face any lag while using an application, even if it an high end one.

The memory department boasts an 8GB DDR3 RAM that compliments the processor of the Dell XPS X8700-1259BLK in a beautiful way. This is really good for some serious multi tasking which means you can run some heavy apps at the same time and still not fell any performance issues.

Space and Graphics

There is a 1TB hard drive. That is a lot of free space and you won’t have any problem regarding this aspect. The hard drive comes pre-installed with the latest operating system from Microsoft and that does take some of the space.

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 645 graphics card that comes with the Dell XPS X8700-1259BLK does an excellent job. There will not be any problem even when running some of the best games in the market. This is not a gaming device but the performance in that area is commendable.


There are 6 USB 3.0 ports in the desktop and also 4 USB ports that belong to the previous iteration. There is an HDMI port that can allow connecting your desktop with your HDTV and browsing your content in a bigger, better screen. The 19 in 1 media card reader can help you with the memory cards you have.

Is It Worth the Money?

You have to understand that one of the biggest advantages the Dell XPS X8700-1259BLK has is that it is competitively priced. There are many desktops in the market that are overpriced and don’t even offer half of what this one does. So is this desktop worth the price? Yes, it is one of the best ones you can get right now.


  • Excellent Processor
  • Future proof device


  • Same boring design


From this Dell XPS X8700-1259BLK review you might have got some idea of how this is a very good mid range option right now. That doesn’t mean hardcore users can’t use it. Every type of user can make this his/her own machine. Go for it if you need a good mid range device that doesn’t put a hole in your pocket.

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