Dell XPS X8700-1253BLK reviewDell is well known for the all-in-one desktops it has given out to the market. Even though the stand alone desktops aren’t as famous as the former ones they still have their value and standard. People who love assembling their computers are big fans of these stand alone desktops.

The Dell XPS X8700-1253BLK is one if the recent offerings from the house of Dell and right the specifications to the price of the desktop, it clearly shows that the device is tailor made for mid range users and is a bit of too much power in the hands of the novice user.

The design of the desktop is classic and finesse can be seen all through it. Though it takes a cue from the previous XPS models the design is something that can make you a show off on its own.

Though we have told you that desktop is mid range the specs do prove that they are a little more than that. The device is powered by an Intel i7 processor that can clock up to maximum of 3.9 GHz. This is a really good processor and can run most of the programs with ease. This could be a great selling point for someone who is dying to upgrade an old machine which is suffering with an old processor.

The powerful processing unit is supported by an 8 GB DDR3 RAM. This means that you will be able to multi task with a breeze. You can play processor hungry games and you don’t have to worry about the speed and loading time of the game as this processor RAM combo is working tirelessly on it. The same stays true for applications.

Another thing that concerns people is the memory that comes with the desktop. The Dell XPS X8700-1253BLK comes with a 1 TB hard drive. There is also an option to opt for a 2 TB hard drive with a little extra. This space can be enough for even the media addicts who stores GBs of media like pictures and videos.

One more area where the computing world is evolving is data connectivity. With the entry of USB 3.0 ports people have taken data transfer to the next level.  The Dell XPS X8700-1253BLK comes with 6 of them and there are also 4 USB 2.0 ports. There is also an option t connect your desktop to a HD TV with the help of the HDMI port. This means you will have no problem when it comes to connectivity.

There is also an optical drive for you if you are one of the old guys who love burning CDs and DVDs.

From this Dell XPS X8700-1253BLK review you might be able to get the idea of how good this desktop is. If you need flawless performance and get things done quickly then go for it. If you use your PC only for checking few mails and browsing Facebook, then you have cheaper and not-so-powerful alternatives in the market.

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