Dell XPS 8500 X8500-3688BK reviewDell has produced many desktops that can be used for heavy work and make itself available for more. The Dell XPS 8500 X8500-3688BK is another desktop that can very well be the workstation of your house and this one is not just for some but for those who can really use the processors by multi tasking.

The Dell XPS 8500 X8500-3688BK has a neat design and finish which gives it a premium feel. The weight of the desktop is kinda light for a high end desktop and it will not concern anyone as it is going to stay at one place.

The processor is the key point in the desktop. The Intel core i7 processor has its own reputation and this one has a clocking frequency of 3.4 GHz. If you are doing some really heavy work and find some lag in the performance the clock frequency can be improved to 3.9 GHz.

The 8 GB DDR3 RAM is really good for anyone who plans to do multi tasking or to run high end multi threaded programs like Matlab and Adobe software suites. Games can also be a breeze with this RAM and the NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 1GB graphics card. Gamers will love the fluid gameplay.

There is a 2 TB hard drive (talk about space). This is practically more than enough for one’s life time. There will not be any constraint what so ever with this hard drive and you can store and enjoy all the media you want.

There are 10 USB ports out of which 4 belong to the latest version. This will serve for those who like to move things from one device to another. The USB 3.0 is sure to make things super fast. The 16X optical drive serves the purpose well.

The Dell XPS 8500 X8500-3688BK is a real work horse. There is no need for you to buy this if you are a normal everyday user who uses the PC for checking mails and stuff. But if you are someone who stresses the processor out with multi tasking and stuff this will be a very good buy.

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