Dell XPS 18 XPSo18-2728BLK reviewIn this Dell XPS 18 XPSo18-2728BLK review, we are going to review this new touchscreen portable all-in-one personal computer from Dell. The desktop comes with a touch input and is aimed at people who need to move their workstation around.

Be warned that you will have to get the keyboard and the mouse separately. We have taken the responsibility to review this new desktop and tell you how good this actually is. So, be sure to check the verdict at the end of this review.

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Though Dell says this is a desktop, we can’t help but think of it as an oversized laptop. This is a huge desktop with an 18-inch screen. The handling is easy, thanks to the aluminum-backed frame. The stand at the back helps to hold the desktop in its actual position. This is a flip stand, and you also get a regular stand as an option.

One impressive thing about the design is that they have managed to keep the weight down. It weighs just around 5 pounds, and that makes this a lot easier to carry around. So, the design is fine but how good are the specs inside? Let’s find out.

Dell XPS 18 XPSo18-2728BLK Specs

You get a full HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The images are crisp, and the 18-inch display has some good viewing angles as well. This is a capacitive touchscreen and it responsive. With an operating system that is made for touch displays, this touchscreen should be more than just handy.

This screen is perfect for all kinds of users. If you are a multimedia guy, this display is ideal for watching movies and TV series. If you are a working type of guy, then the widescreen gives you a lot of space to work your heart out.

An Intel Core i3 processor forms the heart of this Dell XPS 18 XPSo18-2728BLK desktop PC. This i3 3227U Ivy Bridge based processor has a 1.9GHz clocking frequency. There is a 3MB cache, and that can be handy for light work. There are a lot of better processors in the market out there, but this one still has what it takes to run this desktop. It runs the OS and other third-party applications without any issues, to say the least.

Dell XPS 18 XPSo18-2728BLK portable desktopThere are 4GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM that make the memory for this desktop. The memory in this amount is not that great at this moment, but it still gives you a lot of power. You can run a number of applications side by side without facing any lag, and this is critical for productive people.

Windows 8 is the operating system in the Dell XPS 18 XPSo18-2728BLK desktop PC. It comes pre-installed in the 500GB hard drive that has an operating speed of 5400RPM. Both the hard drive and the operating system are very usable but have their highs and lows. But for a light or even a mid-range user, they are very good options.


The integrated graphics card in this desktop allows you to play some light and moderate games. If you want to do some hardcore gaming, then consider going to a mainstream gaming machine.

Dell assures you a battery life of about 7 hours. This is highly optimistic, and you won’t get that much in real life usage. With regular usage, you get around 5 hours of battery life which is still impressive. The device also comes with all the essential connectivity options, and you won’t miss a thing there.

Dell XPS 18 XPSo18-2728BLK Review: Verdict

That’ll be the end of this Dell XPS 18 XPSo18-2728BLK review. For casual users who prefer a large-sized desktop that is also portable, this one makes the most sense. The price also isn’t very expensive and that makes this product more accessible. If you are keen to get a simple touchscreen desktop, go for it.

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