Dell P2414H WHXV7 reviewDell has been well known for pretty much everything they have brought into the market. Monitors are no exceptions. The Dell P2414H WHXV7 is an excellent offering from the same production company. At 24 inches it hits the sweet spot for a lot of home consumers and is apt for people setting up a home office. Let’s get into the review without much ado.

As we have already mentioned, the size of the monitor is 24 inches. This size is nearly perfect though it is a matter of personal preference. What really steals the show is the amazing full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) of the monitor. The picture is quality is no lesser than just superlative. Though we have QHD and UHD resolution catching up this is the resolution that is pretty much affordable and offers a lot more for what we pay for.

The Dell P2414H WHXV7 has a refresh rate of 60 Hz. This comes as a pinch of salt as this refresh rate is kind of a downside. Though it can give a perfect picture this refresh rate is less than the market standard these. Having told about this, for most people this won’t be a deal breaker.

Another selling point for the monitor is the excellent viewing angle of 178 degrees. This means you can view your favorite media from almost any angle and will be a blessing for get together if there is a movie tied into it.
The 2 million: 1 dynamic contrast ratio is one of the best in the market. This ratio will produce deepest blacks and the brightest whites. Colors will be sharp and needless to say, dynamic. The normal contrast ratio is 1000:1 which is also an industry standard.

What sets this Dell monitor apart is the flexibility that comes with it. The easy transition from landscape to portrait will offer the option to change the way you compute. If you are the design industry, this could be an excellent selling point to please you.

There are quite some connectivity options. There is a VGA port, DVI-D port and an USB port. For some, the absence of a HDMI port could be a little disappointing. It could have served a lot of functionalities but the manufacturers have thought otherwise may be to cut some cost.

There is also an environment side to it as it comes with more than 25 percent of recycled plastic in the chassis which is a cool thing to do. They also have a good number of certificates to go with it.

From this Dell P2414H WHXV7 review, you might have a clear idea that this monitor is worth for what you pay for. If you have bought a desktop and looking for a good full HD monitor then this one is perfect. If connecting to gaming consoles is one of your plans then skip it.

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