Dell Inspiron i660-5041BK reviewDell has released another product in its Inspiron line and this one comes with a classic design which we will discuss later. The price point of this machine is pretty affordable which clearly shows that Dell is aiming to convert a lot of visitors into users.

Dell Inspiron i660-5041BK is the name and it sure has the horse power to do justice to the successful series. The design as we have mentioned already is pure classic. The box type design looks neat even though it doesn’t have all the visual bells and whistles.

The desktop is powered by a third generation Intel core i5 processor. The processor has frequency of 3.3 GHz which translates into good power for a processor. It is quick and is sure to give a smooth operation with any operating system you are planning to install (it comes with Windows 8 pre installed).

Here is the fun part. The already powerful processor is supported by an 8 GB DDR3 RAM. This is a great news for multi tasking people because the possibilities are endless (not for hardcore users though). You can juggle a lot of activities and still will be experiencing decent computing. Be it photo editing, video editing or even some high end application this one has no problem with it.

Another important feature is the hard drive and there is one with a capacity of 1 TB. This is kind of a benchmark these days and we are waiting the 2 TBs to enter into the market. Needless to say, you will definitely enjoy the space that comes with it with all liberty.

Connectivity is no issue with the Dell Inspiron i660-5041BK. There are 6 USB ports of which 4 belong to the 4.0 version which offers a transfer speed that is 10 times faster than the USB 2.0 ports. There is also a media card reader which helps people like photographers who primarily use memory cards for storage purposes.

There is also a HDMI port which will enable you to connect your desktop to your HD television and you can browse images and videos in bigger screen. There is a tray load DVD drive for the old school fans.

The Dell Inspiron i660-5041BK is a desktop that comes with an affordable price tag. The features you get for the price is pretty amazing. If you are looking for a desktop with above average computing power, there is no doubt that this one falls in that category.

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