Dell Inspiron i660-4035BK reviewToday we will be reviewing another desktop from the ever successful series from the house of Dell. The Dell Inspiron i660-4035BK is the name and it comes with a good load of features and targets more on the casual user market than any other user even though it has something to provide to every member of the family. Read the review to know more.

The design is the classic box type here. With all-in-one desktops taking on the market and the size they come in, this might be too big for someone who like to keep things modern. But if you have bought a monitor already or if you are looking for a replacement then you probably won’t bother about the design much.

Dell Inspiron i660-4035BK Specs

The processor forms the heart of any device and here it is made of the third generation Intel core i3 processor. The processor has a maximum clocking frequency of 3.4GHz which means it can be used to support applications that are processor hungry. The processor runs the operating system smoothly and even other applications that are mid range won’t have a problem.

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There are 8 gigs of RAM that comes in the desktop and this might be overkill for a casual user. He will have no problem doing multiple things (or multi tasking) at the same time. But the mid range user can potentially test the capability of this kind of memory which makes us think there might be something for people other than just the casual users.

The hard drive comes with a capacity of 1TB and it is easily more space than most would like to have or even need for that fact. You can store your media and other data without anything holding you back.

There isn’t much for gamers here. The Dell Inspiron i660-4035BK comes with Intel HD graphics and this isn’t the best graphics card for playing games. But you will still be able to play small and medium sized games without any problems thanks to the powerful combination of the processor and the memory.

There are 4 USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports and 6 of them in total. There is also an 8 in 1 media card reader. If you are someone using memory cards then you might find it useful. There is also a 16X DVD writer that can read and write DVDs and CDs for you old school boys out there.

The Dell Inspiron i660-4035BK is a desktop that comes with an affordable price tag. The device is targeted at the casual users and every aspect is made with them in mind. They also have managed to make some tweaks in the spec section so that the device can cater even to the needs of the mid range user. Overall, it is a good option for anyone seeking a powerful yet reasonably priced desktop computer.

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