Dell Inspiron i3847-4616BK reviewThe Dell Inspiron i3847-4616BK is another desktop in the Inspiron series that comes out as a mid range device which is also affordable. Specifications are good and they do make this one a good machine for anyone who is willing to do a good level of work in his PC. Read this review fully to know if this one falls in your bracket.


The design is the conventional box type and there is nothing new on that front. Dell has opted for this minimalistic design in most of their desktops and it stays for this one too. All the ports take a place in the back side while ventilation is given its due on the sides.

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There is no monitor here since it’s not an All-in-one desktop. If you are looking for a replacement desktop, you might have a monitor already. In case if you are in search for a new  one, make sure you get a touchscreen monitor that expands your work beyond just the keyboard and the mouse.

Processor and Memory

The processor that runs the Dell Inspiron i3847-4616BK is an Intel core i5 processor that clocks at 3.1GHz. This is a neat processor from Intel and can handle really good amount of work. It runs the operating system smoothly and also manages many applications without a single hiccup.

It is very well complimented by the 8GB DDR3 RAM that comes along. This is a good amount of memory that can help the use to multi task his brains out. The combination can lead to an amazing user experience and the possibilities of what you can do with are just a lot.

Hard drive and Graphics

The Dell Inspiron i3847-4616BK has a 1TB hard drive which is a lot of space for many. If you are a light user you can be content with this space but if you are a mid range or a heavy user, there are chances that you might find it difficult to manage with this space. But it all depends on the amount of data you have or will work on.

The graphics department is taken care of by the Intel HD Integrated graphics. This is the default card and there is nothing special about it. You can, of course, play some really nice games but it does suffer a bit when it comes to super high quality games.


There are 6 USB ports at the back side of the desktop. Two of them are USB 3.0 ports while the remaining four belong to its predecessor’s kind. This is a good thing as it future proofs the ports to some extent.

Is it Worth the Money?

This is the question everyone likes to ask. But the answer is relative to what the user wants. If you are a mid range user, then this one is just perfect for your needs. If you are a gamer, then you can go and look for an Alienware machine though it can play some really good game. Irrespective of the kind of user you are, the specifications you get for the money paid are totally worth it. There is also a 4% discount (at the time of writing).


Nice Processor

Good overall package


Less number of USB ports


That’s the end of the Dell Inspiron i3847-4616BK review. This is a very good device for a mid range user. The light user will have an awesome experience using it. Go and get this if you need a machine that will not compromise on processing power and speed.

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