Dell Inspiron i3647-769BK reviewThe Dell Inspiron i3647-769BK is a budget desktop from Dell and targeted towards the light users who prefer day to day activities to the high end processor-hungry stuff. The specs aren’t very cheap but do give us the impression that this desktop is not for hardcore users. Read the review to know more about the device.

From the design perspective the size of this desktop is much smaller than the usual ones from Dell. That is convenient as you can carry the thing from one place to another just in case if you have to. Also, it won’t take much of the space and will fit well in any room. They could have placed some ports in the front as it would have made things easy for the users.

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The processor here is the Intel Celeron G1820 that clocks at about 2.7GHz. This isn’t the best processor and we hope you can see why we call this a budget computer. The operating system can be run smoothly, thanks to the processor. Applications like word processors and spreadsheets can be run flawlessly as they will not strain the processor in any way. But for higher end apps the processor will struggle.

The 4GB DDR3 RAM that makes up the memory department is a good amount and will help the user in multi tasking. Running music at the background and working on something else at the same time can be a breeze with this kind of RAM. The RAM processor combo makes multi tasking very easy and there is no lag when used with the right applications.

Another place where they have cut corners in the Dell Inspiron i3647-769BK is the hard drive. You only get a 500GB hard drive but since this is aimed at light user there is a good chance this might be enough. But if you have a lot of data that need more space than just 500GB it would be wise to get an external device with more capacity. The hard drive also comes pre-installed with Windows 8 which is the latest operating system from Microsoft.

There are 6 USB ports in total. There are 4 USB 3.0 ports out of the total 6 and these can help you transfer data at an amazing speed. We have to say that the device is future proofed in this aspect and the fact that they actually decided to give much value to their customers in a budget machine is very impressive.

Thanks for reading the entire Dell Inspiron i3647-769BK review. Yes, this is a budget device but there are a lot of high points that are more than enough to take care of the day to day activities. It is meant for the light users and they will, no doubt, have a great experience using this desktop. Go for it if you are someone looking for a desktop for everyday use.

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