Dell Inspiron i3647-1524BK reviewThe Dell Inspiron i3647-1524BK is a solution to those who are looking for a Desktop with good spec and a reasonable price tag. Though there is nothing fancy it still will cater to the needs of each and every member in the family. Read the full review below to see if it fits your needs.


This desktop takes design cue from other Inspiron desktops we have seen in the past. In other words, there is hardly any improvement or enhancement in the design department. The power button is facing us on the right top corner and there aren’t any ports in the front.

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The processor that runs the Dell Inspiron i3647-1524BK is an Intel Celeron G 1820 processor that can clock at a maximum clocking frequency of 2.7GHz. This is a good processor for those who are planning to use this desktop for basic and mid range computing. For hardcore users, they won’t be able to get much out of this. The operating system (Windows 7) and other applications like office suite, etc. will run without any problem.


There is a standard 4GB RAM which accounts for the memory. This has become the norm these days and does a good job overall. It helps you in multi tasking and switching between applications is just seamless. Though they could have increased the memory by a couple of gigs, it still runs well in tandem with the processor and helps the user in a good way.

Hard Drive

The hard drive capacity is limited to just 500GB. This is a good amount of space for a light and a mid range user. They could have included a solid state drive which might have improved the performance by a good deal but we can understand that as they have priced it competitively.

Graphics and Connectivity

The graphics is taken care by Intel HD graphics which is like a default graphics card. It does support most of the games and even some high end games when run with medium settings. But f you are a hardcore gamer you probably know by now that this isn’t your machine.

There are quite some connectivity options in the Dell Inspiron i3647-1524BK. It has 2 USB 3.0 ports and 4 USB 2.0 ports. There is also a multi card reader that will come in very handy if are someone who has a good use of memory cards. The keyboard and USB mouse are pretty standard stuff as well.

Is It Worth the Money?

The desktop computer comes with a good range of specs that doesn’t cost you an arm or a leg. The addition of a USB 3.0 port is good value to the consumers. Though there aren’t many bells and whistles to this one, it’s totally worth the money for a light and a mid range user.


  • USB 3.0
  • Good Processor and Memory Combo


  • No SSD


This Dell Inspiron i3647-1524BK review has come to an end and thanks for sticking with us till now. This is good desktop for most of us. If you are thinking of buying this thing, then we would give you a go ahead as it provides good configuration and also very good value for money.

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