Dell Inspiron i17RV-8183BLK reviewWelcome to the Dell Inspiron i17RV-8183BLK review. This is another classic release from Dell that comes with an economic price tag. The features may not be the latest in the town but are sure enough to make you achieve what needs to be done. Read the complete product analysis to see if this one fits you right.


The design of this 17.3 inch laptop isn’t that different from the previous Inspiron models apart from the texture which we have discussed here. Since the laptop is bigger than most other ones you are not going to carry this thing around that easily. Both the keypad and the touchpad are nice to use as in the previous laptops.


The display is 17.3 inches with a 900p resolution. This isn’t full high definition but is better than the usual 720p resolution. Since the screen is bigger people who like to watch a lot of videos will have great fun. You can also work on images and videos with this nice crisp screen.

Processor and Memory

The processor that runs the Dell Inspiron i17RV-8183BLK isn’t the latest one. It is the Intel Pentium processor that clocks at 1.9GHz.This isn’t a great processor but does a good deal of work. It runs the operating system and other applications without much effort. This processor is perfect for light users planning to use laptops for day to day tasks.

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The memory that supports this processor is a 4B DDR3 RAM. This is the minimum amount of memory you get in the market these days and isn’t bad either. The light and mid range users can run some demanding applications that are processor intensive as well. This is only possible due to this processor RAM combination.

Hard drive and Graphics

There is a 500GB hard drive that comes along. For many this space might not be enough but is perfect for light users. If you are not happy with the space you can always opt for an external hard disk which is cheap these days. The hard drive also comes pre-installed with Windows 8 which is the latest offering from Microsoft (updated: Windows 8.1 is out now but doesn’t come with this one).

People interested in playing games will not be disappointed thanks to the Intel HD graphics. You can play most of the games without any problem. The only case where you might be slightly unhappy is when you are a professional gamer.


There are 4 USB ports in total. Two of them are USB 3.0 ports which can transfer data real fast. There is a DVD drive for those using DVDs and also there is a HDMI port for connecting your device with a HDTV to view your content on its screen.

Is It Worth the Money?

In short, Yes. The laptop comes with some really cool features and at the same time they haven’t included anything extra just to make it more expensive. This is a device for those who need an affordable laptop and they’ll find good value in this.


  • Good Display for media
  • Affordable Laptop


  • Not the latest processor


The Dell Inspiron i17RV-8183BLK is an excellent choice for someone who needs an affordable laptop to take care of his daily needs. With the features in the device it can also cater to the needs of a mid range user. Take a look at it if you are looking for a cheap laptop with decent specs.

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