The Dell Inspiron i15R-2110sLV is another launch in the Inspiron series from Dell and this one is also neatly packed with features, enough to seduce any laptop lover. This laptop can be categorized as an everyday use laptop but also can provide some tough work environment when demanded. It promises to serve users from different extremes and might succeed.

The very feature that is sure to capture your eyes is the 15.6 inch screen which isn’t glossy at all and has a very neat matte finish. The resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels might not be the best you can get but is sure very good at this price point and doesn’t fail to give some impressive crystal clear pictures.

The inside of the Dell Inspiron i15R-2110sLV is equally impressive. The device is run by an Intel core i3 processor that clocks up to 2.5 GHz. This runs the operating system (Windows 8) with any problems and is well supported by the 6GB DDR3 RAM. This amount of RAM is more than enough to run some really sophisticated programs in the device.

The hard drive has a capacity of 500 GB and can be just enough for people to fit their needs. The absence of a solid state drive could have been avoided as it would have boosted the booting of the operating system.

There are a lot of connectivity options in the device. The optical drive can be helpful for those who use a lot of DVDs and there are 4 USB ports of which 2 are USB 3.0 ports. These USB ports can fasten the process of data transfers to a great extent.

Gamers can find some relief as this laptop can support some really good high end gaming with the help of the Intel HD Graphics 4000. Watching movies and videos with good sound effects makes this a really good laptop with very good entertainment values.

There aren’t many faults you can find in the Dell Inspiron i15R-2110sLV. IT is perfect for those who prefer some light computing and can seriously support people who like to perform smart multi tasking. If you fall in anyone of the above categories then you will make the most out of this laptop.

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