Dell Inspiron i15N-3636BK reviewThe Dell Inspiron i15N-3636BK is the new release from the Inspiron series and it looks like a laptop for regular use. There is also something for hardcore users to work out and sure is to please everyone in the house. Read the review to know more.

The Dell Inspiron i15N-3636BK is a very handy laptop that just weighs around 8 pounds and offers the user very good portability.

The screen here is 15 inches in size and has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. This is not a full high definition resolution but still manages to offer very good clarity. You can enjoy media and if they are movies in 720p then you can have maximum benefit.

The processor here is the Intel core i3 processor which belongs to the third generation. The clocking frequency of this processor is 2.4 GHz. This i3 processor is not designed for hardcore work and can perform everyday activities the best. What helps this processor to help hard core users is the other hardware in the laptop.

The RAM that comes with the laptop has a capacity of 6 GB and is a DDR3. This RAM provides very good support to the processor and this is what makes the operation of the operating system a breeze. You can have a number of applications open at the same time and can still have a lag free experience.

The hard drive here is pretty limited. It only has a space of 500 GB. You will have to make sure that you store only those data that is very much needed. But 500 GB still is a lot of memory for one to easily make use of.

There are only 3 USB ports out of which only one is a 3.0 port which will have a speed that is 10 times faster than its predecessor.

The Dell Inspiron i15N-3636BK is laptop that has all the basic features one may expect in a laptop. It can also give you the hardcore stuff as it has the hardware to support the moderate processor. This is a good fit if you are looking for a laptop in this budget.

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