Dell Inspiron i15-3182BK reviewThe Dell Inspiron i15-3182BK is another release from the Dell in the Inspiron series. The specification of the laptop makes a very clear statement that it falls in between in the mid and the high range laptop categories. The review will go through the basics of what makes this device and who and why one should get this laptop.

The design is pretty cool. The obsidian black finish makes it elegant. The keyboard is well spaced and is nice to be in touch with. It looks compact and can be carried with easily.

There is a standard 15 inch screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. This resolution is not full High Definition but manages to deliver crisp pictures. People who like watching movies will find this screen neat and useful.

The device is powered by a Intel i3 processor (2.6 GHz). This processor has the ability to run the operating system (Windows 8) without any major hiccups. This is well supported by the 6GB DDR3 RAM. This is way better than the 4GB RAM that comes with all the devices these days. This is the major difference which makes this more usable for the hardcore users.

This combination of the RAM and processor enables you to install any sophisticated software in the laptop. Gaming is another important thing in the minds of people before they buy a laptop. This one is perfectly suitable for playing games. The Intel HD graphics 4000 supports a good number of games and won’t disappoint the gamer in you.

There is a plenty of space in the 750 GB hard drive. The DVD writer has a speed of 8X and doesn’t support the writing of double layered DVDs. There are 2 USB 2.0 ports and a single 3.0 port which can transfer data at a speed ten times more than that of USB 2.0.

The webcam is on par with market standards. The keyboard and the touchpad aren’t giving any trouble on their part.

The Dell Inspiron i15-3182BK is a mid range laptop that can be used for hardcore computing. There aren’t many faults in the product. The price isn’t very expensive and definitely justifies the hardware within. If you are planning to get home an economic laptop with all features then this is a very good option.

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