Dell Inspiron 660s i660s-5385BK Desktop reviewThe Dell Inspiron series has already been the very successful and they still manage to push some very good products to the market. The Dell Inspiron 660s i660s-5385BK is definitely among those.  This is such a neat package and offers versatile usability options. The best part of this is that the hardware is elevated to match the enthusiasm of hardcore users.

There isn’t much of a spectacular improvement as far as the design is concerned. It is, as usual, sleek and has better portability than many other desktops. The design though simple isn’t very traditional and you can definitely show it off in your computer table.

The best feature in the Dell Inspiron 660s i660s-5385BK is the hardware it comes with. It is powered by a 3.3 GHz Intel i3 core processor which is very fast to run the operating system. The speed of the processor is very well assisted by the 6GB RAM which is really good. The combination of these two ensures that you can run many complex applications without much hassle.

They have been very generous with the hard disk. The desktop comes with a 1TB hard disk which is very much enough to store your movies and music.

The desktop comes with Windows 8. The operating system runs smooth, thanks to the excellent hardware. Users might find getting used to the new operating system a bit difficult, but can be useful in the long run.

Gamers can be happy with this desktop as the specifications can run some really good games. The Intel HD graphics takes care of the technical issues in this regard.

The connectivity options are satisfactory. There are 10 USB ports of which 6 are USB 2.0 and the remaining 3.0 ports. The DVD burners can keep things simple for the DVD optimists.

There aren’t many minuses with this desktop. To mention one, the presence of a solid state drive could have improved the booting of the operating system and also the performance. This though can be justified with the not-so-expensive price range.

The Dell Inspiron 660s i660s-5385BK is another perfect offering from the house of Dell. In this price range this can definitely a good thing to bring home. If you look for a neat desktop that could manage your work and games effectively, this one is could be the right choice.

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