The new Dell Inspiron 660s i660s-4615BK from the house of Dell is other very affordable desktop that comes well packed with features despite the fact it is under priced. This new desktop is compact and as perfect as the other models in the i660s series.

The look of the cabinet is pretty much like other models and will not occupy much space in your room. The insides are equally impressive. The Dell Inspiron 660s i660s-4615BK is powered by Intel Pentium G645 processor which clocks at 2.9 GHz. This processing speed helps in running the operating system without any hassle even though the processor isn’t the best in the market.

There is a 4GB RAM which is a DDR3 and helps you to run your favorites apps and games without any constraint. There is also a very spacious hard drive which has 1TB of free space. This will be more than enough to store all your important data for backup.

The operating system that comes pre-installed is Windows 8 and the hardware is good enough to provide full support to the operating system and runs it smoothly. To make the best of this operating system make sure you get a touch screen monitor.

The optical drive can help you run and burn DVDs at a very good speed of 16X which is good. There are many USB ports at the back and front. Six of those are USB 2.0 ports while the remaining ones are USB 3.0 ports.

Gamers have something to feel good as this can run some really good games. At the same time the default Intel HD graphics has limited support to some high end games. The presence of 10 USB ports means that you can as many controllers as possible and enjoy multi player gaming.

This desktop provides excellent entertainment values. Let it be watching movies, listening to songs or playing games the users can have a fine experience. People who do a lot of multitasking will not be disappointed.

The Dell Inspiron 660s i660s-4615BK is cheap but offers some excellent value to money better than its competitors in the market. If you are looking for a desktop that can perform all your day to day activities and also on a budget, then this desktop from Dell is highly recommended.

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