Dell Inspiron 660s i660s-2314BK reviewDell is now flooding its Inspiron series with a lot of new models and the Dell Inspiron 660s i660s-2314BK is new release from the same line. This new desktop offers to be a decent one with neat specifications and also comes at an affordable price tag. There’s more to it and continue reading to see it this desktop is any good for you.

A lot of desktops come with a big design but this one doesn’t. It is small and won’t take much of your space. You can accommodate with the limited space available in your room. It also isn’t that heavy which means you can move it easily without losing an arm or leg.  It comes in deep black like other Dell desktops and there is nothing new in this regard.

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The main specifications include processor, memory and other important components. From the available specs you can easily say that this one is a perfect fit for light users and mid range users too will find a lot of value in it. The processor here is an Intel core i3 processor that does a good deal. The processor can be clocked up to 3.4GHz and this tells you lot about the work it can be put to. There’s a lot of potential to use this processor.

The memory department in the Dell Inspiron 660s i660s-2314BK is filled by a 4GB DDR3 RAM. This is a good amount of memory that will assist the user (you) in doing multi tasking. The processor-memory combination can serve the user well. For instance, you will not see any lag in the operating system and even in some in house applications like MS office suite and stuff. But running high end applications might lead to some lag.

The hard drive comes with the remainder of space that is available after installing the 64 but Windows 7 Home Premium which is the operating system here. The space you will be getting here is a little less than 1TB. The operating system is a classic hit and if you want to upgrade to the infamous Windows 8, you are free to do so.

Connectivity options galore in the Dell Inspiron 660s i660s-2314BK. There are 6 USB ports which 2 are the latest super fast USB 3.0 ports. Creative people like photographers who use memory cards will be pleased with the inclusion of the 8 in 1 media card reader. The absence of Bluetooth could be a drawback but not for many. There is also a 16X DVD writer at your service.

The Dell Inspiron 660s i660s-2314BK has a lot of positive reviews from the people who have used it. It is a cheap desktop for the specifications it provides and stands up to the quality the Inspiron series is known for. If you are a light user who is content with checking mails and browsing mails or a mid range user who can do a good deal of work then this might a good option for you to consider.

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