Dell Inspiron 660s i660s-1541BKIt has been some time since we had a review and it’s time to get back to some action. Dell’s laptops are famous among a larger group of users and so are their desktops. The Dell Inspiron 660s i660s-1541BK is on such desktop we will be looking about.

The design of the desktop is just classy. It comes in black which complements the design so well. It is just about the right size and so will fit in your room without taking much space.

This is a mid range desktop from Dell that has most of the features to impress your family members. Right from the specifications it strikes the right chord. The Processor that comes with it is a G2030 Intel Pentium processor that clocks to a maximum up to 2.9 GHz.

This processor is sweetly complemented by the 4GB RAM which is a DDR3. With this amount of RAM, the user can easily do a hell a lot of multitasking and the user experience will be a lot smoother with this combo.

There is a lot of associated with the Dell Inspiron 660s i660s-1541BK. The 500 GB SATA drive can be a real good amount of space if you are a mid range user. You might find a just enough in the case of a hardcore user but there are always options like external hard disks and stuffs.

There is a 16x DVD writer which is kind of a usual customer in desktops and laptops these days. There are also 8 USB ports out of which 6 fall into the 2.0 version and the remaining two are 3.0s.

Gamers will be a little disappointed with this one. This comes with a Intel HD integrated graphics card. Though it is fine and can still run most of the games without a problem, there is still something that is missing as far as the gaming side is concerned.

One of the minor drawbacks is that you will have to hunt for the monitor separately as it is not an all in one desktop. You can always look in the monitor review section of ours.

The Dell Inspiron 660s i660s-1541BK is a decent mid range desktop that can easily satisfy your mid range needs. But if you are a hardcore user, the processor is not the latest third generation chips from Intel and that might bug you a bit. Gamers might also want to look somewhere else. Otherwise it is a good buy and we do recommend it.

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