Dell Inspiron 2020 io2020T-5000BK review 1 The Inspiron series has seen some super successful products in the past and the new addition to their lineup is the Dell Inspiron 2020 io2020T-5000BK which is an all in one desktop. The specifications of this desktop are good enough to impress day to day users and even some mid range users might be interested. Read the review further to get a glimpse at this new personal computer.

The design of this desktop, though it doesn’t have the cabinet that desktops usually have, is a bit bulky on the monitor. It does take less space, but when you see from the sides the size of the monitor is bigger than other all-in-one desktops. But this should not be a problem as the weight is still light and also the space taken up is very less.

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The Dell Inspiron 2020 io2020T-5000BK comes with a 20 inch screen which is a good size for a desktop. The screen has a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels which isn’t full high definition but the picture quality will be good for movies and even for playing games. From the design point of view the bezels in the front are too big and some might not find it tasteful.

Another important thing about the monitor is that it is a touchscreen monitor. Since Windows 8 can be experienced to the fullest when used with touch this serves as a valuable addition in the pack.

Now let’s talk about performance which is the most important thing. The device comes with Intel Pentium G2030T processor that can clock up to 2.3GHz. This is certainly a good processor but we have to agree that there are better ones in the market. The user, though, will not have any issues in running the operating system and other applications.

Multi tasking is very important these days and the RAM plays a crucial role in it. The Dell Inspiron 2020 io2020T-5000BK has a memory of 4GB DDR3 RAM. This capacity is a good amount and this helps the user do multiple things at the same time. Even running multi threaded applications is easy and doesn’t stain the processor thanks to the 4 gigs of memory.

Dell Inspiron 2020 io2020T-5000BK review 2Even though the price of the desktop isn’t very high they haven’t cut corners in important areas which are good things. One example is the inclusion of the 1TB hard drive. This is more the enough space for the casual user and even the hardcore user at times. You can load the drive with media as there is no restriction with this hard drive.

The graphics department is dominated by an Intel HD graphics 2000 touch card. This allows you to play some decent games with no lag in performance. The same cannot be told for high end games. This may not be the right machine for you if you need to play high end games.

The connectivity options include the 5 USB 2.0 ports and an 8X DVD writer. The absence of the 3.0 USB is definitely a disappointment and puts a stop to fast data transfer. If you are someone dealing with a lot of memory cards you will find the 8 in 1 media card reader useful.

The Dell Inspiron 2020 io2020T-5000BK is a very good choice for an all in one desktop. It comes with a touchscreen monitor that enhances the user experience with the operating system. Though it can cater the needs of a mid range user, it sure can be a good help to any kind of user in your home. For the money paid, the package comes with good value and that’s why we recommend it.

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