Dell Inspiron 15 i15RV-8524BLK review 1The Dell Inspiron 15 i15RV-8524BLK is a new entry in the very successful Dell’s Inspiron series. This laptop comes with a very good hardware and software which makes it a bit hard to avoid it especially for the moderate price tag. Continue reading to find its merits and demerits.

The design of the Dell Inspiron 15 i15RV-8524BLK is nice. It comes in black with a nice texture finish and it adds a premium look to it. The device is little compared to the 17 inch screen variants and just weighs around 5 pounds which makes it more portable.

The screen as we mentioned already is 15.6 inches in size and has a pixel resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. This means that the screen is high definition and it is becoming a market standard to have one these days so there is nothing wow here. But having said that, the picture quality is crisp and will be well suited for watching movies and sports.

The device is powered by a third generation Intel i5 chip which has a maximum clocking frequency of 1.8 GHz. The i5 chip may not be as good as their i7 processor but can definitely help you in doing some wonderful things.

The processor is well backed up by the 6 GB DDR3 RAM. This amount of RAM is more than enough for the mid range user and the hard core guys would have just found the sweet spot. Multitasking is a breeze, thanks to the huge RAM capacity.

There is a 500 GB hard drive. It can give you a lot of storage space. But the presence of a solid state drive could have improved the boot performance by the big deal. The absence of which is very well justified by the moderate price tag.

Dell Inspiron 15 i15RV-8524BLK 2Gamers will have a an Intel HD graphics card which is okay for playing mid range games but hard core gamers will not be impressed with it.

There are 4 USB ports. Two of them falling under the 2.0 category and the remaining are 3.0 ports which are quite naturally faster than their predecessors. There is also an 8x optical drive which can read and write.

The best thing about the Dell Inspiron 15 i15RV-8524BLK is the value it offers for a moderate price. You get some very good features for the price tag. At the same time it is a great option for only mid range users but not hardcore users. Go for it if it fits your needs.

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