CybertronPC Borg-Q GM4213A reviewCybertronPC Borg-Q GM4213A is another release from the famous gaming desktop manufacturer. One thing we can easily see is that this desktop promises to be an ace gaming device but still under a budget. Are you curious to know what makes this? Read this post to know more.

The first thing you are going to see in any device is the design. You can clearly say that this is one a gaming by looking at the design. The colors black and blue have been used to get that nerdy gamer feel. The front also looks amazing with a unique design. It is something that will amaze your gamer friends as far as the design is concerned.

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CybertronPC Borg-Q GM4213A Specs

The processor that runs the desktop is an AMD FX 4130 that clocks at 3.8 GHz. You might want to see an Intel processor running a high end gaming machine but this is one the reasons why you are getting an excellent gaming machine this affordable. The processor does work like charm and even high end games can be run without any problems.

Multi tasking has been spoken of like it’s the most important thing. If you are in the same group then brace yourselves. There is an 8 GB DDR3 RAM that compliments the processor in an epic way. With this combination, the possibilities are endless even for some hardcore users.

The hard drive has a capacity of 1TB. We have been telling in our previous reviews how important it is to have more space and this one gets it bang on target. With 1TB you can store as much media you may want to and there is no restriction on your side. Someone with a lot of movies and TV series will love to have this one.


Since it’s a gaming desktop it would be more appropriate if we talk about the graphics card. The graphics card here is the Nvidia GeForce GT610 that comes with a memory of 1GB. The graphics card isn’t the best you’re going to get in the market, but since this is an affordable gaming machine you can understand how this has helped you cut a few hundred bucks.

You, of course, can play most of the games. There won’t be any problem in that. However the experience won’t match that of playing in an Alienware device.

There is a 24X DVD dual layer drive. People who are still obsesses with optical drives will love this. There are 4 USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB 2.o ports. There could have a more ports as you might want to connect some USB joysticks, but we still have gut feeling the 6 ports might just be enough.

There is also an HDMI port. This will allow you to connect your TV and you can even game on a big screen.

The CybertronPC Borg-Q GM4213A desktop is a very good gaming desktop. It isn’t as costly as the Alienware devices but provides a good gaming experience nevertheless. You can buy this one if an affordable gaming desktop is what you are looking for.

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