Beats Solo HD ReviewThe headphones from Dr.Dre in the name of Beats are around in the market for only a short time (since ‘08). But even in this small time, the headphones have managed to get them a following. These headphones have been very well as far as sales are concerned by targeting the teenage group and some from the mid 20s and 30s. They have produced very good sets before but does their Beats Solo HD live up to their name? Let’s see if it does.


The Solo HD has a simple design. It doesn’t mean it lacks style. This piece of equipment is as stylish as any other headphone in the market. It comes in eight colors namely black, pink, purple, dark blue, light blue, green, white and red. This means there is a lot of scope for personalizing your music kit.

Taking a peek into the hardware, we can see that they have made it look very conventional. But they still manage to deliver some high quality sounds to your ears. This is the only headphone in the beat range that has two speakers in each can. There is also a metal strip running in the middle just to make it a bit stronger. The weight doesn’t seem to be too much and is definitely comfortable in the ears.

The cables are removable. There is a standard 3.5mm jack which can be found in the left can. This offers a great deal of flexibility for the user. The cables given are just more than a meter in length.

The Good

The sound quality is absolutely mind blowing. They name HD is well justified. The bass is excellent and bass lovers need not want to miss this.

Another big plus in Beats Solo HD is that it is very durable and it is not that easy (actually impossible) to break it. This is a really good advantage because for the price you buy it, you don’t want to change to something else very quickly.

You can attend calls and adjust the volume level from your cable itself. This means you don’t have to take off your gear just to attend a call. And this piece is completely compatible with the iPhone and iPod.

For space freaks, this headphone is very compact. This means you can take it anywhere you want and it is very comfortable on your ears.

The Bad

Some can find the look very normal because of its simple design. It is not actually that bad but people can think otherwise. It will take some time to understand that this is way better than how you see it.

Everything about this is really good. But when it comes to the price, you find it a bit overpriced.

The Final Touch

We’ve seen the best parts and also the bad side. It has quality sound and some great bass. There are a lot of color options, so you can personalize it the way you want. It’s better than most of the headphones in the market. The price is what can stop you from buying this and this is the advice from our side. If you are ‘just’ a music listener, leave this. There are a lot of cheaper alternatives (I didn’t say better) in the market. But if music is a part of your soul, you will have a great headphone in your kit. Three words for you, ‘Just Get It’.

TechWeirdo Rating:  4.6/5