ASUS X552EA-DH41 review Welcome to this ASUS X552EA-DH41 review where we discuss all the positives and negatives of this budget laptop from the house of ASUS. ASUS has released a lot of budget laptops in the past and most of them have been astounding success to the company which has surely inspired this release. At a price point of under $400 does this laptop make the cut and impress the target audience? Read the review fully to find out.

ASUS X552EA-DH41 Design

The very first thing we usually talk about is the design and the design here is neat. The classy design makes sure that the finish is premium (at a budget price) and does its best to prevent finger prints and scratches. Though this isn’t any major feature it does makes a few users here and there happy.

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The keyboard and the mouse pad are of standard quality. There is enough space between the keys so that it is easy to type and the fingers won’t hurt even after using the keyboard for a long time. The mouse pad is sensitive and there isn’t much trouble over there.

The 15.6 inch screen is impressive with a 720p resolution. This is no match to the 1080p resolution screens you can find in the market but please remember that this is a budget laptop and the picture quality isn’t bad than many other laptops. If you are someone with an idea to consume a lot of media then this screen will help the cause.

ASUS X552EA-DH41 Specs

The insides of the laptop are pretty but they stick to budget standards. The processor that powers this machine is an AMD 8032 processor that clocks at 1.5GHz to the maximum. This isn’t a beast of a processor but can run the operating system without a single glitch. For light users who mostly use the laptop for checking mails and browsing the internet, this processor will serve them nicely. Even mid range users can make good use of this chip.

ASUS X552EA-DH41 review 2The 4GB DDR3 RAM that covers the memory division is a good addition and provides needed support to the processor. This memory allows the user to be able to multi task and the there won’t be any problems having 3, 4 applications open at the same time. This combo is totally enough for the light user who mainly use their machine for day to day activities.

The 500GB hard drive is more than enough in a budget device (sorry if we are pushing it). This offers the light and the mid range user a good amount of space to attend to their storage needs. The laptop does come with Windows 8 pre-installed which takes a little space in the hard drive.

If you are a fan of the latest iteration of the Microsoft operating system then you are in for a good experience. But if you are among the group that completely hates the new OS, there are ways by which you can easily revert back to the ever famous Windows 7.

Graphics and Gaming

The graphics card here isn’t the best and is slow. Avid gamers will find disappointment in the ASUS X552EA-DH41. But if you are someone who plays simple games like candy crush and angry birds then you won’t have any problem playing those games.

But when it comes to hardcore gaming, the laptop doesn’t shine because it wasn’t made for that purpose. You may want to look at our reviews of Alienware and iBuyPower laptop which are meant for sheer gaming.

Battery life

It comes with a standard battery pack that lasts for nearly 4 hours. If you are someone who wants to use the laptop during an hour long commuting then its fine but it wouldn’t be of great help to use the laptop in places where the power socket is missing. It is, again, more suitable for usage at home than at outside.

This ASUS X552EA-DH41 review would have given you a clear idea about the best and the worst points of this useful budget laptop. In a nutshell this is perfect for light users and mid range users also will find it useful to some extent. Get this one if you are planning to use it for light and day to day activities.

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