Asus X551MA-RCLN03 reviewAsus is known for their sturdy laptops and this new laptop from them is likely to have their famous feature but at a price that is lesser than usual. The Asus X551MA-RCLN03 is an economic laptop that comes at a cheap price. It is well suited for a student or for someone who is looking out for buying a laptop for the first time. Read our product analysis to know more.


The design is very Asus.  You have the matte finish back that gives you a nice feel and not that cheap. The bezels aren’t very small but will not interfere much with the picture. The keys are similar to those in a chiclet keyboard and will not hurt your fingers much. Overall the design can be considered good for a budget device.

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The laptop has 15.6 inch display that has HD resolution. With this HD resolution the laptop carries a pixel density of 100.45. This might look like a very bad pixel density since we are more used to the 400 and above pixel density in phones. But in reality, it is good as we’re going to view the laptop away from a distance. There is very little chance that you might actually see any pixel at all. The screen is wells suited for enjoying movies with your friends. It also can handle other types of media with ease.

Processor and Memory

The Asus X551MA-RCLN03 is run by the Intel Celeron processor. This is not a great processor but can totally deliver the needs of a light user. You can do homework in this device if you’re a student and this processor does a good job with other everyday tasks like web browsing, streaming and checking mails. It runs most of the applications without any problem and you’ll not be disappointed.

The memory that comes along with the processor is a 4GB DDR3 RAM. This assists the processor and allows you run some demanding applications in your laptop. If you like to play some music when you are working or any other multi tasking for that fact, this RAM will allow you do that without any hiccups.

Hard drive and graphics

The 500GB hard drive that comes with this laptop might be okay for people with limited storing needs. If you have loads of data already then you might be in a bit of trouble. The hard drive also ships with Windows 8.1 (64 bit version) already installed in it which could take some space.

The Intel HD graphics takes care of the graphics. You can run most of the games without much lag in the performance. But if you are an avid gamer, then you might want to look at some heavy gaming machines (which are pretty expensive of course).

Battery and Connectivity

The battery life is kind of disappointing at just a little over 3 hours. If you need to use this in a place for long hours without a power supply, you are surely in trouble. This makes this laptop more suitable in a place where is a power outlet, like your house.

The laptop has 2 USB ports of which one is the latest USB 3.0 port. It can transfer data ten times faster than the traditional USB 2.0 ports. There is a HDMI port which allows you to connect your laptop with higher end devices like the HDTV. There is also a DVD super multi drive (read and write) for those who use DVDs. A built in webcam allows you to make video calls to family and friends.

Is It Worth the Money?

This might be a budget laptop but the features that come along are pretty decent for this price point. If you are a light user, you can appreciate the value you will be getting from this. At this price, it is worth the money you are spending.


  • Great Economic laptop
  • Comes with Windows 8.1


  • Not so good battery


That brings us to the end of this Asus X551MA-RCLN03 review. There might be some faults with this affordable laptop but it still is a good piece of machine for a light user or even a student. Go for it for the great value it offers in a very affordable price tag.

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