ASUS X550ZA-WH11(WX) reviewThe ASUS X550ZA-WH11(WX) is one of the recent mid-range releases from the house of Acer. With so many mid-range laptops on the market, you will find it hard to select something that will suit your needs. This ASUS X550ZA-WH11(WX) review aims to help you in that problem.

Mid-range users and light users are the main targets for this laptop. It is advertised as an everyday device that will also double up as a media consumption notebook. There is also enough processing power to support your work needs as well. Read this review to the very end if you are interested in this product.

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For a laptop, the first impression is very important, and here it is pretty neat. The dark gray color looks good on the laptop, and it doesn’t look that hefty for its size. The feel is okay as this isn’t a high-end device. You get the same texture on the laptop, and if you have already used an Acer laptop, you’ll know what we are talking about.

Coming to the layout of the keyboard, there is a minor issue. You can see that the power button and the Esc key are very close to each other. There is a chance that you might accidentally turn your laptop off instead of hitting the esc key. This could be annoying, but gets better with more usage.

ASUS X550ZA-WH11(WX) Specs

The 15.6-inch LED-backlit display comes with a conventional HD resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. This is a pretty decent display, and it comes with a good color accuracy for this price. It is a good screen for enjoying movies, streaming videos, and even for playing some games. You can also use this display for work as it brings enough real estate into the equation.

The ASUS X550ZA-WH11(WX) is powered by an AMD A10 7400P processor. This quad-core chip has a clocking frequency of 2.5GHz and with the help of turbo boost, it can be increased up to 3.5GHz. The benchmarks are okay and prove that this is a mid-range processor.

The processor is fine for all your everyday activities. It runs the operating system butter smooth, and we can say the same for most of the basic applications as well. This AMD chip is also perfect for sending emails, checking your social media, watching videos online, playing casual games and even editing your photos.

Most of the computer users these days multitask. For that, you need sufficient memory so that you do end up in a laggy device. Here, we have eight gigs of DDR3 RAM. This memory hits the sweet spot for RAM in mid-range devices. You can multitask without having to face any lag or other performance issues.

ASUS X550ZA-WH11(WX) laptop

There is a 1TB Serial ATA hard drive that comes with a speed of 5400RPM. This is a spacious drive that gives you enough space for all your movies, pictures, songs, and other stuff. It is slow but at this price, we really can’t ask for more.

Windows 10 is the operating system that comes pre-loaded in the hard drive. If you hated Windows 8 or loved Windows 7, then this new OS will be a very good step in the right direction. You will love the new features that appear in this new operating system.

Let’s be clear in one thing. The ASUS X550ZA-WH11(WX) is not a gaming laptop. There is only an integrated graphics card, and it allows you to play some mid-range games without any issues. You should be looking at more serious gaming machines if you are an avid gamer.

You can squeeze out around 4 hours of battery life with light usage. Though the usage decides the battery life, in most cases you will get an above average life which is impressive.

 ASUS X550ZA-WH11(WX) Review: Verdict

The ASUS X550ZA-WH11(WX) model is an affordable, mid-range laptop that delivers on its promises. If you are keen to get a good looking, simple, affordable laptop that will take care of your daily needs, get this one.

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