ASUS has been the manufacturer of so many successful monitors in the market right now and the new ASUS VX238H is another monitor from ASUS which has a 23 inch screen and is very much made for the personal computers as the price tag suggests.

The design of the monitor isn’t something out of the box. It has a conventional look with a circular stand at the bottom which can hold the monitor safe and sound. The bezel isn’t very small and this might not be the best option for those who are planning to set up many monitors for integrated viewing.

The screen of the monitor has a decent matte finish and doesn’t have any glare issues. The image quality is neat thanks to the excellent resolution of 1920 x 1080p. This resolution offers you very good picture irrespective of whether it is movies or sports.

The ASUS VX238H has a high contrast ratio of 80,000,000:1. This contrast ratio is one of the best in the industry and helps the users to witness perfect black and white due to which the colors will be very much true to life and also in abundance (16.7 million colors in total). This will be a very nice feature for those who enjoy watching stuff related to nature and wildlife.

Another feature that has impressed us is the response time. The response time here is 1ms. This again is a very good number and offers to the user blur free picture. People who enjoy fast moving sporting events like racing will love this.

Gamers can also be happy as a response time as low as this will give them an amazing gaming experience. There won’t be any lag as far as the gameplay is concerned.

The aspect control features allows you to select your favorite display mode and you can select 4:3 option for the picture to be true to life and also won’t have any kind of image distortion to it.

There are a variety of connectivity options. There are two HDMI ports which enable you to connect your monitor to your Xbox or PlayStation or even to your blu ray player. There are regular VGA ports as well.

There aren’t any negatives you can talk about the monitor. The ASUS VX238H is perfect for your personal computer and will definitely take your entertainment to the next level. If you are looking a monitor will all decent features at a low price then this one might be the right one.

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