ASUS VS278Q-P reviewThe monitors from ASUS have always been of rich quality. This ASUS VS278Q-P is not different from its previous releases. This 27 inch LED lit monitor can bring some wonderful colors to your eyes in the most life like form.

This has to be probably the best monitor in the 27 inch range only for those unbelievable specifications they have put in it. The setting up of this monitor isn’t much of a problem like in many others. The monitor also is very stylish and can really blend into your place.

The best part of this monitor is the picture quality. It delivers such striking quality and it all comes in full HD at 1080p resolution. This is perfect for movies and sports and also games (we will touch that again). There speakers aren’t of much use but again there aren’t many monitors that come with speakers so this is actually some kind of extra thing you are getting.

The contrast ratio is the best we have seen in the 27 inch range at 80,000,000:1. This contrast ratio is capable of giving you such true to life pictures and this one doesn’t disappoint you at all.

The response time here is another classic feature. We have seen a lot of monitors with a response time of 5 ms and 2 ms but here we have a response time of 1ms and imagine what that could mean. This is more than enough to view your sports without any blurring or even the slightest of image distortion. If you have gaming console then with this response time you can experience some unbelievable gaming. There are two HDMI ports. If you have a blu ray player you can enjoy your favorite movies in the best quality.

There aren’t many problems we could come with. There might be some features which you might think are missing but with this price they have provided the best they could.

At the end of this ASUS VS278Q-P review all we can say is that if you need a 27 inch monitor which some amazing picture quality, then this is definitely recommended.

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