ASUS VivoPC-VM40B-01 1ASUS VivoPC-VM40B-01 is a compact desktop from ASUS that comes with a very affordable price tag. The specifications is good for the light and the mid range users while the hardcore user might want to look at some higher end alternatives. Continue reading the review to know more about this cool desktop.

We have to give ASUS a special pat on its back for the design. The desktop is so compact and will occupy very little space whatsoever. The spun metal finish at the top looks beautiful and will surely attract good compliments. It will look a perfect fit in both your home and office; thanks to the compact size.

Let’s get into the spec part.

The ASUS VivoPC-VM40B-01 is powered by an Intel Celeron dual core processor. The maximum clocking frequency of the processor is just 1.5 GHz (we know, it’s just for the nerds out there). The processor can handle a good deal of workload and run the applications smooth enough. But if you are planning to run some processor hungry software like audio and video editors, then you could be in for some disappointment.

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The processor is married to a 4GB DDR3 SD RAM. This number is quite the order of the day in the recent times. If you are not happy with 4 gigs you have the option to upgrade the RAM to a maximum of 16 GB. That’s what I call an upgrade. But this 4 Gigs can allow you to do some impressive multi tasking if you playing your cards right.

The hard drive capacity is limited to 500GB. If you are someone waiting with loads of downloaded TV series then you will surely not find enough space. And a few high end applications could take up a good amount of space. So the hard drive space might look enough but could have been better. Since the price tag is low, this is one of the areas they’ve made a saving.

ASUS VivoPC-VM40B-01 reviewThere is 32 GB of web storage they offer you for free. It is free for 3 years. Though you can’t upload all your media into cloud, you still can protect some important documents by having a backup in the cloud.

You can clearly see from the design that there are no optical drives. But there are 6 USB ports of which 2 are USB 3.0 ports. These are the latest trend and they can transfer data at a speed ten times faster than the 2.0 ports which will always be a cool thing to have.

The ASUS VivoPC-VM40B-01 comes with built in SonicMaster speakers and MaxxAudio. Though it cannot replace traditional speakers or the ones made for the very purpose, they are definitely better the built in speaker in other desktops. We do recommend you to get a speaker so that you can have a good media experience.

With this desktop, ASUS allows something called DIY (Do it yourself) upgrade. The users can upgrade the spec themselves. Even though the design is new, users can access the inside by removing the user friendly slide out cover.

The ASUS VivoPC-VM40B-01 is a new take on modern desktops. They have managed to reduce the size and yet keep the price low. Impressively, the user experience hasn’t taken a beating in anyway. If you are looking for something compact and different, the Vivo PC can be a refreshing change.

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