Asus VG27AH ReviewThe VG27AH model from ASUS is a 27 inch 3D LED backlit IPS monitor which proves to be a convincing monitor for what we pay. There are so many monitors from the house of ASUS and all have been at least to the level of satisfactory but this one is very much capable of surpassing the standards set by the previous ones.

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There aren’t many things that we can say about a monitor about user experience though there are some technical information which are a must know before you buy one of these. The first one is that this is a full HD 1080P monitor that can be inclined to our convenience and the viewing angle is 178 degrees. Another important feature is that you can convert 2D to 3D by the pressing of a hot key.

That’s the creamy part of the spec side. The experience is pretty for the price actually. The colors are very real and the resolution is more than impressive. Above all both 2D and 3D are amazing to watch which stands out in this monitor.

The quality of the screen is good. It looks a bit shiny but that doesn’t affect the picture quality one little bit. The corners and the sides of the monitor are not that thin, it is definitely okay for a single monitor. But if you are going to setup up multiple monitors like in complexes or for a workstation then you might need to reconsider.

The IPS (In Plane Switching) panel makes the 3D visual a pleasure to watch. There are many costly models that give amazing 3D visuals but this one manages to deliver the same result. The contrast ratio is also decent.

Anyone who is keen on looking at the specs will be impressed by the 80000000:1 contrast ratio. This is the kind of contrast ratio that is too good for a 27 inch monitor and this one just hits the ball out of the park. You will be able to see some surprisingly deep blacks and bright whites, thanks to the contrast ratio.

The HDMI link will allow the user to connect the monitor to a gaming console of your choice; be it an Xbox or a PlayStation. It just takes a few minutes to change your monitor into your gaming hub. The DVI link allows enables the user to effortlessly connect the monitor to a personal computer.

The specs may not be astounding, but unless otherwise you want to live with the specs or to brag about your monitor, you may not need a bigger and a costlier one. The main aspect of the monitor is the 3D capability which is really good and the conversion from 2D to 3D s also flawless. So if you are mainly planning to use this for regular usage and not for any hardcore practices, then we surely recommend the ASUS VG27AH.

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