The Asus VG VG23AH is a new 23 inch 3D monitor from the house of Asus. There are a lot of monitors that come cheap and offer nothing but this one isn’t that cheap but comes with more features than any of its competitors in the market.

The design of the monitor is classic. There are circular disc at the bottom that holds up the upper arrangement. The 23 inch screen is magnificent and is free from gloss. The best part about this new monitor is that it has a 1080p resolution. With this resolution the monitor can show the pictures in amazing High Definition.

The monitor can be viewing from any angle and still you can witness awesome images. This is due to the viewing angle of 178 degrees which is the best you can get in the market for this category. Since the monitor is LED backlit you can be sure that it will consume very energy when compared to LCD monitors.

The Asus VG VG23AH has a contrast ratio of 80,000,000:1. This contrast ratio s very good and shoes the deepest blacks and the brightest whites. Because of this you will be able to witness around 16 million colors in your monitor. The monitor also has a good response time so that it prevents effects like ghosting when you are enjoying fast moving sports like racing.

The 3D feature of the monitor is spectacular. The 2D to 3D conversion (by pushing the hot key) works like a charm and with this you can enjoy all the 2D pictures as 3D in your home. This works well with both films and sports and also games if you love playing games.

The monitor comes with dual HDMI ports, a DVI port and a D-sub port. The monitor can be connected to your gaming console or to your blu ray player to enjoy your games and movies on full HD and 3D.

There aren’t any negative things we can say about the Asus VG VG23AH. If you are looking for a monitor that isn’t too costly and expect to have an excellent 3D feature then this one is highly recommended.

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