ASUS M51BC-US007S reviewThe ASUS M51BC-US007S is a reasonably priced desktop computer that comes with a good set of specifications. This is a simple desktop that does what it says and doesn’t wear unnecessary bells and whistles. ASUS has produced some very successful desktops in the past and it’s time to see if this one joins that list. Read on.

There aren’t any amazing design improvements in the ASUS M51BC-US007S except for the introduction of the ports in the front side itself which makes it a bit easier for the users to reach for the ports. Otherwise the box type design in the previous models just stays.

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The processor that runs this desktop is the AMD FX series processor that can clock up to 3.5GHz. The processor has six cores and is one of the powerful processors in the AMD circuit. The mid range and the heavy users can use this device for some processor hungry applications.

The 8GB DDR3 RAM is a good amount of memory and does a lot of good in the multi tasking department. People who like to multitask will be impressed with this one and light users will be surprised with the kind of speed they experience.

The 500GB hard drive is probably the only disappointment with the ASUS M51BC-US007S. This is very less when compared to the offerings by other companies and only light and mid range can be able to manage with just 500GB of space. Though you can get an external memory device easily these days, it still would have been a lot better to have had a 1TB hard drive.

They also provide the user with 32GB of ASUS webstorage which can be considered as a plus since a lot of users like the idea of going to the cloud for storage purpose.

The graphics department is strong here with the AMD Radeon HD 8350 card. It has a memory of 1GB and gives a good performance for games which can be categorized from simple to high end. Though the performance doesn’t match the one’s made for pure gaming, there is gaming potential in this desktop.

There is a 24X speed DVD drive that can be used for reading and writing DVDS. There are 4USB 3.0 ports in the desktop and 6 other 2.0 ports.  There is also a 16 in 1 card reader for those who are still having a relationship with memory cards.

From this ASUS M51BC-US007S review it is evident that this is a desktop for people who are looking for a mid range device. It will be a good desktop for day to day users but will not impress the heavy users. Go for it if you fall in the above mentioned categories.

Users have the option to get a rebate of $50 once the purchase is made on (on top of the 14% discount).

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