ASUS M32BF-US004O Desktop Review

The ASUS M32BF-US004O is a good looking desktop that comes with very good specs and is targeted towards the light and the mid range users. The desktop pricing is very affordable and if you are looking for a cheap mid range device, the price could keep you interested. To know more about this PC, read the full review below.

The design is usually the first thing we talk about and no changes here. You can see that this desktop look slightly different than other box type cabinets. There is a colorful red footing in the front which is nice and the glossy finish at the top part is also a good design element. It is nice to see most of the ports in the front as it good for user accessibility. The desktop weighs around 17 pounds, so it’s a good move if you don’t plan to shift it often.

An AMD A4-5300 processor that clocks at 3.4GHz powers the ASUS M32BF-US004O computer. This is a decent processor and does a good job in running the operating system and other applications (third party apps like office suites, media players and even games). You can also run system intensive software without compromising on the performance of the machine.

The processor is well supported by the 4GB DDR3 RAM in the memory department. If you like to do two things at the same time, then this memory will come to your rescue every single time. It allows you to run many apps simultaneously and there is hardly any lag.

The 1TB hard drive is actually the best of all features. Not many desktops in this price range will give you this much space to play with. You can store all your games, pictures, videos, office stuff and any kind of data you have without any restriction. The hard drive comes pre-installed with Windows 7 Home Premium which is everyone’s favorite operating system.

A lot of people buy this machine to avoid the hassle of reverting back from Windows 8 to Windows 7. If you also have a love hate relationship with Windows 8, you’ll be very happy with ASUS’s choice of operating system.

The integrated AMD Radeon HD 7840 graphics card promises a decent gaming experience. You can play most of the games with modern graphics without any problem. If you are a hardcore gamer, then you might be impressed with the level of sophistication with regards to gaming. Casual gamers will have a fun time with games though.

All the usual essential ports are present here. There are 4 USB 2.0 ports and 2 USB 3.0 ports which can transfer data pretty quick. There is also a DVD drive which will come in handy for obvious reasons.


The ASUS M32BF-US004O review reaches its end. This personal computer comes at a very affordable price for its features. Though it is aimed at the light and the mid range users, it has something for everyone in the family. If you need a desktop that can cater to your home and office needs, then this one is worth getting.