ASUS M32AD M32AD-US032S Desktop Review

The ASUS M32AD M32AD-US032S is a powerful new desktop from the house of ASUS. This new model from the well known manufacturer is packed with high end specs which separates it from the rest of the crowd. Mid range and heavy users are the primary targets of this device while it offers something to everyone in the family. Read this review to know more about this new desktop PC which could be your next!


The first thing you’ll notice is that the machine has an industrial design which is impressive. The entire cabinet has a brushed metal look and there is also a part at the front which has a shiny covering. There is access to a number of ports in the front which is good for accessibility. The power button is round and big and hard to miss. The ASUS branding can be found at the bottom and ventilation is the on the sides.

Specs Inside

There are a lot of positives when you talk about the ASUS M32AD M32AD-US032S desktop in terms of specifications. Most of them are very high end which makes this no less of a workstation.

The processor that runs this desktop is an Intel core i7 processor that clocks at 3.6GHz. This is probably the best processing chip you are going to find in the market. This is built up on the Haswell architecture and is capable of a great deal of work. You can run any system intensive application smoothly with this processor which is a big plus for heavy users.

Memory is another important hardware in a personal computer and here we have a 16GB DDR3 RAM. This is a lot of memory and the possibilities are endless with a processor memory combo like this. You can run as many apps as possible with a memory like this and still face zero lag. With Intel hyper threading technology, multi tasking and switching between apps is seamless.

The hard drive has a storage capacity of 2TB which is a huge. The hard drive disk has a rotational speed of 7200rpm which help in the faster fetching of data. The only disappointment here is the absence of a Solid State Drive (SSD) which could have this machine a performance monster.

The operating system that comes pre-installed in the hard drive is Windows 8. This is not the latest from Microsoft but the upgrading process is fairly simple. Though not many are fans this OS, spending some time with it could makes things a bit easier.

The Nvidia graphics card makes sure playing games in the ASUS M32AD M32AD-US032S is a pleasure. You can play pretty much anything which is why this is a very good option for gamers. There are 3 USB 2.0 ports and 2 USB 3.0 ports which can be quick in data transfers.


This ASUS M32AD M32AD-US032S review has pointed out the positives and the negatives of this new desktop. There are very few negatives but none of them are deal breakers. If you are searching for a high end workstation that doesn’t cost you an arm or leg, this is the best choice right now.