ASUS M11BB-US012S Desktop Review

ASUS M11BB-US012S is one of those desktop that has the potential to deliver good performance to even high end users. They have succeeded in keeping the price low and include some really good specification from their side. Continue reading the review to know more about the new desktop from ASUS.

They like this elegant design. But it is simpler and where it shines is in the placement of the ports. They are easy to access. Ventilation can be done through the sides and this could keep your CPU cooler than usual. The classic box design will not take up much of your space and is easily accommodated in any room.

The processor that powers the ASUS M11BB-US012S is the AMD A10 quad core processor. The processor has received good grades in all the benchmark tests and this is no surprise as it is a quad core processor. The clocking frequency is up to 3.7GHz and people who know stuff can really put this monster to test.

The GB DDR3 RAM that comes along makes the memory department. This works well in conjecture with the processor and offers users the ability to do multi tasking. If you are a mid range user you can find this to be most beneficial as you can run multiple apps together. Light users will not have any problem and high end users might just be satisfied as well.

There is a 1TB hard drive. This is really a good amount of space and even if you are a high end user with loads of data, we are sure that there will be enough space to cater to those needs. Very little space is taken up the operating system. In this case the operating system is Windows 8 (whether you like it or not).

There are many ports in the cabinet. The most important ones are the 2 USB 3.0 ports and the 6 USB 2.0 ports. People use it the most and we tend to give it more importance than other ports. There is also a 6 in 1 multi card reader which is of most use to people like photographers.

The package also comes with a keyboard and a mouse. They are pretty standard and nothing special. The only thing missing is the monitor which won’t be a problem if you are replacing your old desktop. If you don’t have a monitor already, try getting a touchscreen monitor to get the most out of Windows 8.

The ASUS M11BB-US012S is one the best desktops in modern times. The best selling point of this is that it gives you good specifications in an affordable price tag. If you are looking for a desktop, either a replacement or a new one, this could be a good option.