ASUS G10AJ-US004S Desktop Review

The ASUS G10AJ-US004S desktop is a high end device that comes at a hefty price tag. This is clearly targeted towards the heavy users and the specs confirm it. If you are looking for some sheer power you should really take a look at this desktop. Continue reading this review to know more about this product.


The PC comes in a big cabinet with design tweaks. There is lighting in the front which adds to the user experience. With dimensions of 13.10 x 23.60 x 24 inches it does take some space in your room. But it is a good trade off considering the power you’ll get as a hardcore user.

You can slide the top portion in the front down and it’ll expose the ports and also the DVD drive. This is a nice touch as you can prevent the ports from gathering dust.


The ASUS G10AJ-US004S desktop PC is run by an Intel core i7 4702 processor that clocks at 3.6GHz. This processing chip is based on Haswell architecture and is one of the best processors in the market right now.

It can handle any system intensive application with ease. Heavy users will appreciate the fact that this processor will still be effective even after a couple of years from now.


There are 16 gigs of DDR3 RAM which is a very good amount of memory. You can run as many apps in the background as possible and still face no lag. This memory will change the way you multi task and is great for mid range and heavy users.

Hard drive

You get a generous 2TB 7200RPM hard drive. This is a fast drive and comes with hell a lot of storage space for your personal as well as your private data. There is also a 128GB solid state drive which significantly improves the performance of this computer. The device boots up in seconds and the opening and closing of applications is faster than ever.


The graphics card here is the Nvidia GTX 770 which comes with a dedicated memory of 2GB. It is an excellent GPU and makes this a good gaming device. The desktop is optimized for high performance gaming and this is a great news for all gamers out there.


There are 10 USB ports out of which 6 are USB 3.0 ports. The USB 3.0 ports can transfer data 10 times faster than the previous USB 2.0 iteration. There is also a DVD drive that can read and write at good speeds. Other ports include the audio jacks and the digital media card reader.


It is time wrap up this ASUS G10AJ-US004S review. It is an excellent high end device that comes with a big price tag. If you are a heavy user, you probably known that the cost is justified. If you are planning to upgrade or get a new high end desktop PC, then this is a very good option.