ASUS F554LA-WS71 15.6-inch Laptop Review

For those who complain about the debatable specifications of mid-range laptops, the new ASUS F554LA-WS71 mid-range laptop should prove to be a decision changer. To know why read the full review; it might help you make your laptop buying/upgrading decision easier.

For most people, the gripe is about the system not having enough memory when the processor was powerful and not having powerful enough processing capacity when the memory was adequate. Well, here in the ASUS F554LA-WS71 we have a balance between both. Let us take a closer look, shall we?

At the heart of the ASUS F554LA-WS71 mid-range laptop is the 5th generation Intel Core i7 5500U processor which operates at a good 2.4GHz clock speed. With the help of the turbo mode, it can clock it up to 3GHz making it super fast. This i7 chip has two cores and is Broadwell-based. It has got very impressive benchmark scores like the 4000 for Passmark in CPU testing compared to the score of 2600 that the i3 processor gets.

Having one of the best processing chips available in the market puts this machine far ahead of its competitors and so can do serious lifting. You can operate your heavy apps like Photoshop and MATLAB and never notice any lag in speed in the operations.

This is backed by a massive 8GB RAM memory. The memory capacity is usually only 2 GB or 4GB in most mid-range laptops. The advantage in having this much of RAM is that the user can operate several applications and leave several windows open, without causing any lag in the performance.

Hard drive storage is 1TB which is pretty good for the price. Most laptops offer 500GB or 750GB at this price range, so we have a good deal here. However, the speed is only 5400 rpm making it a tad slower than the faster 7200 rpm drives. But that does not slow the system down one bit, at least for the common everyday activities.

External Looks, Ports, and Layout

Look wise, there are no complaints with the ASUS F554LA-WS71 mid-range laptop. It comes in black and has a neat matte design on its interiors. The keypad is pretty much standard with numeric keys included as well. It also has a good responsive trackpad.

This midrange laptop weighs in at 4.9 pounds to make it a bit lighter than your average laptop. You can move around with this model without experiencing too much strain. It is a perfect travel companion without any doubt.

The HD camera on top of the screen takes clear pictures and is good for making video calls, both personal and official. On the connectivity side, you have Bluetooth 4.0 along with wireless 802.11b/g/n. You will also find one USB 2.0 port, two USB 3.0 ports, and Ethernet LAN. The ASUS F554LA-WS71 laptop offers you HDMI connection and VGA port.

Display, Operating System, and Battery

The 15.6-inch screen is good for both work and play. The resolution of the screen is quite good at 1366 x 768 pixels. This isn’t full HD but is still HD. This HD display shows you good crisp pictures and videos.

You have the Windows 8.1 operating system in this laptop. It has the 64-bit architecture which is common these days. You are also eligible for a free Windows 10 upgrade when they release it.

There is no dedicated graphics card in the graphics department. The Integrated graphics card does all right with mid-range games but for high-end gaming you are better off reducing the settings. For hardcore gaming, you will require a serious gaming machine.

Battery life is just above average at 4 hours on a single charge. To make the lithium-ion battery last longer, you can use more optimized settings.

ASUS F554LA-WS71 Review: Verdict

This ASUS F554LA-WS71 review should have given you a good idea about this laptop. This mid-range device is great for everyday activities and can do some heavy lifting if needed. The price is also pretty decent for the latest processor and the good memory involved. Go get this one if you need a decent laptop with good features at a reasonable price.