ASUS D450CA-AH21 review 1ASUS is a solid brand when it comes to laptops. They have released a laptop for every type of crowd. The ASUS D450CA-AH21 is a cheap laptop with appropriate specs that will not disappoint people who are looking for a laptop to do their everyday task.

The design and looks of the laptop is nothing out of the ordinary. It is what you can expect from a budget laptop and surely will not burn your eyes. Since the screen size is just 14 inches, the laptop weighs a lot lesser than other ones in the market (4.2 pounds). This makes it very portable.


The 14 inch screen comes with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. This is a standard resolution you will find in any budget laptop and you aren’t disappointed here either. The image quality will be impressive and you won’t see any abnormality in viewing your media.

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The processor in this laptop isn’t huge by any means. It is powered by an Intel Pentium 2117U that clocks at 1.8 GHz. You will be able to run most of the day to day applications easily with this one. Browsing the internet, checking mails, playing media and other daily activities will see no problem with this device.

ASUS D450CA-AH21 review 2The laptop comes with a memory of 4 GB DDR3 RAM. This has become a standard these days and does help the user to perform a good deal of multi tasking. The processor RAM combo is good considered that the laptop is a budget one and they do provide some quality user experience.

The hard drive comes with a space of 320 GB. This is understandable as the device itself is cheap. In fact not many cheap laptop gives you this much space. So it is an advantage to the users as far as the hard drive is concerned. It does give you some valuable space to store and enjoy your media.

The operating system in ASUS D450CA-AH21 is Windows 8. You may not be a fan of it, but that’s that best you can get and you really can’t complain about it. Since there is no touch you won’t be getting a complete OS experience either.


There isn’t any mind blowing graphics with the ASUS D450CA-AH21 considering it is an entry level laptop. But it does comes with Intel HD Graphics 2500 graphics cards. You can play some mid range games but don’t even think about high end games. If you are going to buy the laptop for gaming purpose, we really don’t think you can make the best out of it.

Battery life

It comes with 4 cell Lithium ion battery. The battery is decent at 3 to 4 hours maximum. With just a 14 inch screen it is natural to expect more out of it.


There is an optical drive that reads and writes DVDs. There are only 2 USB ports of which one belongs to the latest iteration which can transfer data at a really good speed.

The ASUS D450CA-AH21 is an entry level laptop and not the mind blowing laptop you’ve been looking for. What it does is that it provides a lot a value for the money you pay. If gaming is your primary need, there are other options. But if you are looking for a budget laptop for everyday activities then it could be hard to beat this one.

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