ASUS B400A-XH52ASUS laptops are well known for the quality they have been providing over the years.  ASUS B400A-XH52 is one more laptop that falls in the same category and is sure to do much more as far as performance is concerned.

The laptop is well designed and is perfectly portable. This will be a boon to businessmen who travel a lot. It is only 0.8 inches thin and weighs only around 3.6 pounds. The neat finish gives a premium look.

The screen is 14.1 inches and is High definition which means it has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. It is slightly disappointing it is not full HD but still should be good enough to offer an excellent visual experience. The size is just right to make the pixel density better than in other conventional laptops.

The laptop is run by an Intel dual core i5 processor which has a maximum clocking frequency of 1.7 GHz. The processor is the second best only to the i7 processor and hence should provide excellent performance. It is supported by a 4GB DDR3 RAM. This combination is good enough to allow the user to do some intensive multitasking and the experience will still be smoother than ever.

The ASUS B400A-XH52 comes with Windows 7 professional pre installed and this is definitely happy news for those who aren’t big fans for the latest iteration from Microsoft, Windows 8.

One of the best selling points here is the 256 GB solid state drive that is coming with the laptop. This will make the device superfast and will take very little time to boot up. Though it is not as good as having a 500 GB hard drive, it still makes the performance a lot better. Users also will get 32 GB of ASUS WebStorage (cloud storage) which is exclusive.

The graphics card here is the Intel GMA HD graphics card and is good enough to play most of the games though it may not please avid gamers.

There are only 3 USB ports but all of them are 3.0 USB ports. They are 10 times faster than the previous iteration and do data transfer real fast. One of the drawbacks here is the lack of optical drive. Even though you are going to use the USB port for most of the time you will still miss the DVD drive slot.

The ASUS B400A-XH52 is an excellent recommendation to business people due to their portability. The specifications are also good to be used by any member of the family. But you may find on the expensive side which is probably due to the security it offers for the data within. Go for it if you travel a lot and can afford it.

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