acer Aspire E1-510-2602 reviewThe Aspire E1-510-2602 is a nice little laptop that comes with a cheap price tag. It doesn’t come with the best spec in the laptop world but has all the power to satisfy the needs of a light user who happens to be the primary target for this device. To know more about this device, read our full analysis below.


This is an ultra cheap laptop and there aren’t any amazing design improvements as expected. It does look a bit bulky from the sides. It weighs around 5.2 pounds and can be easily carried around. The looks of the laptop are pretty standard and no complaints there.

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We have a 15.6 inch Widescreen Cine crystal LED backlit display in the Aspire E1-510-2602. This screen has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.  The pixel density isn’t amazing but is good enough for watching movies, playing games and sports. The bezels in the sides are bier than usual and hopefully they won’t interfere with the viewing experience.

Processor and Memory

Intel Celeron N2920 is the processor that runs this machine. It is a quad core processor and even though it is not the best in the market, 4 cores do a good job.  The clocking frequency of the processor is 1.86GHz and as a whole the processor maintains a good level of performance.

There are 4 gigs of RAM in the memory department and it is a DDR3 type RAM. This is a good amount of memory and with the processor offers a good user experience. People who like multi tasking will be content with the way things work out, thanks to the 4GB memory stick.

Hard drive and Graphics

This budget laptop comes with a capacity of 500GB. This is a fairly good amount of space for any light user and you rarely have to upgrade. It comes pre-installed with Windows 8 which does take up some space. If you are not happy with the capacity of the hard drive, you can get some cheaper alternatives.

Intel HD graphics is the default graphics card that you’ll find here. It is quite basic and can run most of the games. Even some high end games can be run with minimal settings. If you are looking for a laptop for purely gaming purposes, then this is not it.

Battery and Connectivity

The battery life is okay at about 3 to 4 hours thanks to the lithium battery pack. This is the kind of battery life you can expect in a budget device like this. The laptop is a good choice for students and others who won’t need more battery juice.

There are some connectivity options in this one. You have a couple of USB ports that can help you transfer data at a good speed. You don’t have a DVD/CD writer so sorry if you expected it in here. However, there is a multi card reader that can help you with your memory cards.

Is It Worth the Money?

This is a super cheap laptop. There isn’t anything that is ground breaking or innovative with this one. But whatever you are getting with this justifies the pricing. If budget is a concern, you’ll be very happy with this one.


  • Super cheap
  • Good overall Specs


  • No optical drive


This Aspire E1-510-2602 review would have given you a clear idea of what this one is capable of. This is a very good choice for a first laptop and also for a student. If you are on a budget and need a decent laptop we can’t think of many other ones than this.

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