Apple iPod TouchThe new fifth generation iPod touch is the slimmest iPod ever and it comes in vibrant colours which has enriched the look of the iPod touch. It has been made from the same anodised aluminium which Apple has been using over years to design Mac. The colours aren’t just painted on the surface they are bonded to the aluminium so it makes the ipod to look amazing. It has been engineered in such a way to provide the maximum fun. With the new increased size of the device gaming is much more astonishing. This has taken the entertainment to a whole new level.


The major breakthrough in the design of ipod touch is that the screen is of   4 inch powered by retina display. They have-not increased the width of the ipod only the length is changed so it can still be operated in single hand. The display is fingerprint resistant with oleophobic coating. Now it has the dual core A5 processor with 800 MHZ clockrate which can dynamically adjust it frequencies hence saves the battery life. The ipod has five-element lens. It has 5megapixel isight camera with built in flash and a front camera with 1.2 mega pixels. The rear camera records in 1080p video recording up to 30frames per second. The front camera records in 720p (30 Fps).

It comes with a built in speaker and microphone. This weighs only of about 88 grams and it is really sleek & slim in design. The all new ear buds is not like regular circular ear buds it has been specially designed for perfect fit. With the new design of ear buds it gives a new music experience.  It is also provided with a lightning connector which is used for charging. It has rechargeable lithium battery (1030 mAH) which charges to 80 % in two hours. It comes with 5 colours and an exclusive Apple store colour. The all new ipod touch loop is provided to keep it safely in your hands.

 The Good

The all new 4 inch retina display gives a rich look and with 326 pixels per inch the resolution of the ipod is stunning. The display is very responsive it’s because of the A5 processor.  The rear camera provides pictures with crystal clarity. Front camera good enough for video chat. The various colour options have added a speciality to ipod touch. The earphone quality is also good when compared to the previous apple ear buds.

The Bad

The new ipod touch doesn’t come in 16 GB memory specification. It comes only in 32 GB and 64 GB. So the ipod touch is pricey. And still the ipod touch needs an iTunes to copy the songs. The ipod touch doesn’t have a GPS. It supports only Wi-Fi and doesn’t have a 3G connection.

The Final Touch

The all new design provides everything you need but still the price is high. With the same price we can afford a tablet with a much bigger screen. Apart from the money it is always good to have the all new iPod touch. It is completely engineered to give maximum fun and sure it gives.

TechWeirdo Rating: 4.5/5