Apple iPod Nano Review Apple has re-imagined the traditional iPod and has designed the iPod nano seventh generation. This combines all the best features of its predecessors and the product has a completely astonishing look. The iPod nano looks a miniature version of the new iPod touch. The iPod nano has completely re-nanoed its body with the same soul inside it (i.e. Software is same as sixth generation). With this media player in hand listening to music is always a fun.


This new nano has ultra cool design combining all the pros of its predecessors. The body is made of anodised aluminium as of the new iphone and iPod touch. It comes in seven colours and an exclusive apple store colour.

The sixth generation of nano was the first to feature multi-touch but it was a failure. Now the new nano has been designed in such a way that it can completely use all features of multi-touch. The nano is 5.4mm thin and 2.5 inch multi-touch display. It’s twice as big as the previous iPod.

In the new design they have included the home button which really comforts all the users. By pressing it a single time takes you to the most recent home screen. Quickly double pressing takes you to the now playing screen if you are listening to music. Triple press allows you to toggle between voiceover accessibility feature or invert the colours of the screen. Now it has brought back its old feature of video playback in this device.

 The display is 240 by 432 pixel resolution (202 PPI). We can even store photos in it. It comes only with a 16GB memory capacity. The nano looks completely weightless as its only 31 grams (1.1 ounces). The new nano comes with lightning connector for its charging. Now it supports Bluetooth 4.0 so that it can be connected to wireless headphones and speakers.

With the FM radio we can hover between various stations. The radio has live pause feature within a 15 minutes buffer. The best music is experienced with new apple ear buds. With the fitness feature of the nano it helps the people who work out regularly.

The Good

The size and shape of the iPod nano is very much convenient. The multi-touch works really well. The inclusion of the video playback feature adds a special advantage. The fitness app is functioning very well.

The apple ear pod has enhanced the way of listening to music. The new button gives a good experience in using the iPod nano. It has wide range of colours. The nano is completely fast and easy to use.

The Bad

The nano still requires syncing with the iTunes. The reception of the radio app is poor. The device features only Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is missing. It does not support third party app. It misses the clip so it needs a case like thing if we are using while work outs. It also misses its old point and shoot camera. The resolution is poor.

The Final Touch

As it provides opportunity for some wire free exercise this device is a gift for fitness fanatics. For the cost it’s always a cool device to hang out with considering the other apple products. It has a remarkable design but still lack some features. It’s a device everyone can afford and if you really wish to have you can get this device as the need for separate iPod is fading fast.

TechWeirdo Rating: 4.2/5