With the recent press release, Cassidy Shield has revealed that the APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are the next big thing, in their own terms the “next killer apps”. As we are aware APIs are a set data that are being made readily available to the developers who in turn make application by using it. Cassidy Shield says, by improving the APIs the developers will get more functionality thereby improving the end result for the consumers.

To answer the question of why is now the time to bring such an innovation, Mr. Shields says that the industry is moving further with new innovations and technologies and even though the industry may not adopt the new APIs, they will still follow it as an innovation in the field.

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He also mentioned that they are keen to pass the new APIs to people who are willing to use them for producing better apps in the future. People however may still be skeptical about the new APIs and even though many may not try it straightaway, a few innovators can still try and prove that Alcatel’s move in evolving the APIs is a right move.

It looks like they will be testing these new APIs in the area of telecommunications first as they are leaders in the same field. There also seems to be an idea on collaboration of these new APIs with big-shots like Twilios, Voxeos, and Microsofts and hope to improve the business effectively.

All said, it will be interesting to see how other companies react to this. Whether it will become the next big thing or will it is something very normal to the world of technology is for us to wait and see.

Do share your thoughts on this new development.