AOC IPS i2367Fh reviewAOC’s new release the i2367Fh is a sleek monitor that comes in the 23 inch range. The monitor has gone through some noticeable changes in the design area. The monitor is cheap for a 23 inch variant and is also a good choice for desktops that are used for daily working activities and casual gaming.

The very first thing about this monitor you cannot miss is the slim design. I mean this is very slim at just 12mm and offers a sporting look from the sides. They have made some work on the bezel and have managed to almost remove it (2mm in measurement but you can’t find it which the TV is switched off). The bezel is very thin as a result the frontal view is better than that of its previous models from AOC.

The 23 inch screen is a treat to look upon. It has neat finish and with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels the picture quality is a lot better than just good. The dynamic contrast ratio is 50,000,000:1 and with this you can view your favorite sporting events at the best quality as the colors are very real.

The slight disappointment in the specification side would be the refresh rate. Though it is very good at 5ms, it would have been a great upgrade if it had 2ms with which anything will be blur-free and almost perfect. Still this isn’t completely bad, you can enjoy movies and photos but high end gaming won’t be such a good idea.

There is one VGA input and 2 HDMI ports with which you can integrate your gaming consoles and also your Blu Ray players. There speakers are also an impressive considering the fact that most of the monitors don’t come with one. The model comes with a multi-purpose stand which can function in two ways; a standard stand and a photo frame.

The AOC IPS i2367Fh is fine for any desktop that is being used for day to day work and some casual gaming. If you are in need of a monitor that is little better than the basic model then the AOC IPS i2367Fh is a good one to try.

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