AOC E2220SWDN Review – 22 inch Monitor

It’s been some time since we reviewed a monitor and let’s get back on track with this AOC E2220SWDN review. AOC has released some excellent monitors and this one also hopes to be in the same league. Let’s see if it has what to become your monitor if you are looking for one.

The design of the monitor is pretty straight forward. There are no bells and whistles attached and it is pretty evident the moment you see this monitor. The buttons in the front are neatly placed and easy to reach.

The bezel on the sides of the monitor is very little. By doing this they have reduced the interruption caused by the bezels in the picture and this is a good thing. The monitor looks thin even when looked from the sides.

The size of the display is 21.5 inches and this is bang on target if you are looking for a desktop monitor. It won’t take much of your precious space and the same time will fit in perfectly.

Moving to the more important things, the AOC E2220SWDN has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. This means the pixel density is 106ppi. This isn’t bad considering that you will maintain some distance from the monitor. The picture quality is sharp and is good watching movies and other media.

One of the reasons for strong picture clarity is the contrast ratio. The contrast ratio is an impressive 2000000:1. This makes sure that the white are the brightest and the blacks are the deepest. Contrast ratio is one of the most important technical aspects of a monitor and this one passes with flying colors.

The response time of the AOC E2220SWDN is pretty decent at 5ms. This offers good speed and you can observe good clarity even when the picture is moving fast in the screen. The minimum the response time is, the minimum is the ghosting effect. There are monitors in the market with a lesser response time but this one is good for the price tag it carries.

The refresh rate of the monitor is 60Hz. This is anything great and is very normal. If you like playing games and plan to use alongside your gaming console, this may not be the right option. That doesn’t you can’t play games with this one, casual gaming is just fine.

Since the AOC E2220SWDN is VESA compliant, you can mount it on the wall if needed. This just reduces the space occupied a little. There are usual connectivity options like RGB D-sub and DVI-D inputs.

The AOC E2220SWDN is a good monitor for the price. You can get this as a replacement monitor for your desktop if you are looking for one. At this price, you can’t make much of a mistake.